Stardew Valley: Achievement/Trophy Guide

On your way to 100%-ing Stardew Valley, you will need to unlock all achievements and trophies; here’s a comprehensive guide to help with that.

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Attaining a prosperous farm or claiming the title of Pelican Town’s ultimate warrior may top your Stardew Valley aspirations. Nevertheless, the game lays out an expansive array of other feats for you to conquer. This guide delves into all the achievements and trophies, offering insights into unlocking them and unveiling the hidden ones.


Stardew Valley: All Artifact Locations

Looking to complete the museum collection in Stardew Valley? Here’s where you can find every artifact in the game.

Complete Achievement Guide

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Stardew Valley features 40 achievements or trophies, with 30 being universal and shared across all platforms. The remaining 10 are exclusive to the Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox versions. The table below presents a comprehensive list of these accomplishments, accompanied by descriptions of how to achieve them.




Be paid 15,000g


Be paid 50,000g


Be paid 250,000g


Be paid 1,000,000g


Be paid 10,000,000g

A Complete Collection

Complete Museum Artifacts

A New Friend

Earn 5 hearts with a villager

Best Friends

Earn 10 hearts with a villager

The Beloved Farmer

Earn 10 hearts with 8 villagers


Earn 5 hearts with 4 villagers


Earn 5 hearts with 10 villagers


Earn 5 hearts with 20 villagers


Try 10 unique cooking recipes

Sous Chef

Try 25 unique cooking recipes

Gourmet Chef

Try every cooking recipe at least once

Moving Up

Get your first house upgrade

Living Large

Get the maximum house upgrade


Craft 15 unique items


Craft 30 unique items

Craft Master

Craft every item at least once


Catch 10 unique fish

Ol’ Mariner

Hook 24 unique fish

Master Angler

Hook every fish in the game at least once

Mother Catch

Hook 100 fish

Treasure Trove

Bring 40 Artifacts to the Museum


Complete Help Wanted missions 10 times

A Big Help

Complete Help Wanted missions 40 times


Ship 15 of each crop (There are 28)


Ship 300 of a specific crop

Full Shipment

Ship every item at least once

Prairie King

Complete the Journey of the Prairie King quest

The Bottom

Explore the final Floor of The Mines

Local Legend

Complete six Community Center bundles (one in each room)

Joja Co. Member Of The Year

Get every Joja Community Development project

Mystery Of The Stardrops

Discover all Stardrops

Full House

Marry a villager and have two children

Singular Talent

Improve one skill to level 10

Master Of The Five Ways

Improve all skills to level 10

Protector Of The Valley

Complete the Adventurer’s Guild missions

Fector’s Challenge

Don’t die while completing the Journey Of The Prairie King

Secret Achievements in Stardew Valley

Split image of gameplay from Journey of the Prairie King and the Journey of the Prairie King arcade cabinet in Stardew Valley

There are two secret achievements/trophies in Stardew Valley: Legend and Fector’s Challenge. To get the Legend achievement, you must earn 10,000,000g. And to complete Fector’s Challenge, you must beat the Journey of The Prairie quest without dying.

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Stardew Valley

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