Star Wars: Rey’s Biggest Weaknesses


  • Rey’s refusal to accept her past and let go of the hope of her parents’ return hinders her journey as a Jedi and makes her vulnerable to the dark side.
  • Rey’s anger and rage, fueled by the challenges she faces, almost lead her down the path of the dark side, as seen in The Last Jedi.
  • Rey’s impatience and rush to learn leads to a lack of expertise in her training, and her stubbornness causes conflicts with her friends, making her vulnerable to the influence of the dark side.

Rey is the new face of the modern Star Wars Universe. While the Disney Plus shows have mostly focused on earlier periods, the most up-to-date situation in the galaxy far, far away that fans know of is Rey and her friends helping the remnants of the Resistance move on from the destruction of the First Order and the final defeat of Emperor Palpatine.


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Many Star Wars fans have accused Rey of not having weaknesses. They have claimed that she learned everything she needed too quickly and shouldn’t be capable of the incredible feats she has achieved. However, in her limited screen time thus far, which will soon be expanded upon, she has showcased some flaws that have hurt her.

6 Her Past

Led Closer To The Dark Side

Rey's First Appearance

  • Seen In The Force Awakens

Rey is a scavenger when first met in The Force Awakens, waiting for her parents to come back and get her. Unfortunately, this is never going to happen, but she holds the faith anyway, and it causes severe disruption to the beginning of her journey as a Jedi. She keeps insisting that they will return to her, so she must go back to Jakku.

This is a mental weakness eating at her. She knows in her heart that they aren’t going to return. The refusal to accept help because she is alone in the galaxy makes it difficult for her to get started on her journey to saving the galaxy, and leaves a flaw in her mentality that dark side users can sense, helping them almost turn her to their cause.

5 Her Rage

Led To Slow Learning

Rey With Her Lightsaber

Rey is an angry person, part of this is because of her past issues and current frustrations, but it is something that lurks beneath her surface, barely concealed in many fights throughout the sequel trilogy. The challenges she faces, and the hugely unfair way she is thrown into them, are almost too much for her to face at times, and her rage bubbles to the surface on multiple occasions.


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Rage is considered a terrible thing to hold so deeply within yourself in the Star Wars franchise, as it has led many, including Anakin Skywalker himself, down the path to the dark side. Yoda explained this best with the words fear leads to anger; anger leads to hate; hate leads to suffering. Rey’s rage does turn into hatred, and consequently almost to suffering as she treads ever closer to the path of the dark side.

4 Her Impatience

Led To A Lack Of Expertise

Rey And Luke Skywalker

Jedi are, by nature, patient. It is one of the most important traits of their religion, one of the things that sets them apart from others. They are willing to put aside earthly connections to focus on harmony with the Force. However, Rey rarely shows these traits, particularly during her time training with Luke in The Last Jedi, where she is shown to be in a rush to learn as much as she can as quickly as possible.

If Rey knew anything about the history of the Jedi Order, both the good and the bad, she’d get why she has to be patient in her training. Most Jedi begin training as nothing more than toddlers, and she is already fully grown by the time she even begins connecting with the Force. This already makes her training challenging, but her rush to finish it and move on shows that Luke needs to do something, having made the same mistakes rushing his training with Yoda. He was unable to stop her, and Leia had to finish the job later.

3 Her Stubbornness

Led To Distance From Her Friends

Rey With Her Friends

  • Seen In The Rise Of Skywalker

Rey isn’t good at seeing things from other points of view, she is stubborn to a fault and this causes issues between her and her friends during The Rise of Skywalker, particularly Poe Dameron. She argues with him, that her lack of empathy towards the way that other people might be feeling, not even trying to understand their positions, is dire. This is a great weakness and one that doesn’t belong in a Jedi.

The stubbornness she holds has been seen before in the series, in the likes of Anakin Skywalker, or even Obi-Wan Kenobi, but stubbornness can only go so far, it makes it feel like the wielder is dealing in absolutes, the tool of a Sith. Rey, unfortunately, treads a little closer to the line between the light and dark than anyone around her is comfortable with.

2 Her Restlessness

Led Towards Dark Side Powers

Rey On The Dark Side

  • Seen In The Rise Of Skywalker

Peacefulness is the trait of a Jedi, and it is something that many spend years searching for, which is why it can take so long to train them. It isn’t easy, but characters who remain restless, who cannot find this peace and want not only to be constantly moving but are torn about where to go. Sometimes she still feels like returning to the simple existence she had on Jakku, and this leads to confusion within herself.


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One of the prime examples of her not being at peace when she tries to utilize her powers is when she and Kylo Ren struggle over the ship that Rey believes holds Chewbacca. She accidentally unleashes force lightning, a capability even some Sith cannot achieve. This terrifying show of accidental ability reminded everyone that Rey was never at peace, and if Chewie had been on board, it would have resulted in one of the saddest Star Wars deaths.

1 Her Palpatine Family

Will Lead To Distrust From Others

Rey Fighting Palpatine

  • Seen In The Rise Of Skywalker

Rey, despite taking the name Skywalker, is a Palpatine. Unfortunately, this will lead to a weakness for her among the people of the galaxy. In a canon novel taking place before The Force Awakens, fans saw how Leia struggled politically because many didn’t trust her and even rallied against her due to her being the daughter of Darth Vader.

This would go double for Rey, having shown dark side abilities and unnatural levels of power so quickly. With her family affiliation to the Emperor of all people, many will be left feeling that she shouldn’t be put in any sort of position of power, or trusted at all. This weakness, already confusing her during the events of The Rise of Skywalker, could become a far bigger issue for her going forward.

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