Star Rail’s Dr. Ratio Explained


  • Dr. Ratio in Honkai: Star Rail is a fantastic free unit that serves as a strong single-target DPS for players without one. His potential in battle is not to be underestimated.
  • Dr. Ratio is flexible in terms of team compositions and builds. Players don’t need to pull for his unique relics or light cone if they already have a solid option, and farming for him is resin-efficient.
  • Players should consider using Dr. Ratio in teams with characters who can debuff, buffer, and provide healing or shielding. He can work well with a variety of teammates, and even free-to-play players have options.

For the Honkai: Star Rail 1.6 update, players have received a free Dr. Ratio in the mail alongside his banner. Given that he was released as a free unit, there was concern over how good his kit would be. However, there’s nothing to worry about because Honkai: Star Rail‘s Dr. Ratio is a wonderful single-target DPS for players who might not already have one. As an Imaginary Hunt unit, his single-target potential in battle is nothing to make light of.

Dr. Ratio is an amazing unit with flexibility in both teams and builds. As a free unit at E0, he does plenty of damage to not warrant needing to pull for either Eidolons or his signature light cone if players already have a solid option. Honkai: Star Rail players should also be delighted to know that farming for him can be resin-efficient, and they might already have a build for him lying around. It’s no wonder that upon seeing how good this unit was, Genshin Impact players wanted a free five-star too.


Genshin Impact Players Want Free Five-Star Character After Honkai: Star Rail’s Dr. Ratio Giveaway

Genshin Impact players share their disappointment about the lack of free five-star characters after seeing Honkai: Star Rail’s Dr. Ratio giveaway.

Honkai: Star Rail’s Dr. Ratio’s Kit

dr. ratio body

Dr. Ratio’s Build

Honkai: Star Rail‘s Dr. Ratio’s builds are highly flexible. There’s a lot of mix-and-matching that players can do with Dr. Ratio’s relic sets and planar ornaments. As for what stats players should go for on Dr. Ratio, he’s a DPS unit, so the usual stats will work just fine: Crit, ATK, SPD, and an Imaginary DMG orb should be the goals for both sub-stats and main stats. As for what sets players can give him, they should consider a combination of the following:

  • 2pc Ashblazing Grand Duke
  • 2pc Musketeer of WIld Wheat
  • 2pc/4pc Wastelander of Banditry Desert
  • 4pc Prisoner in Deep Confinement

Dr. Ratio’s Light Cones

While his signature light cone would be an amazing pull, not just for him but for any Hunt unit, it’s understandable that not every player has the Stellar Jade to go for it. Luckily, there are plenty of free-to-play light cone options for Dr. Ratio. Herta’s shop offers a wonderful five-star option in the form of Cruising the Stellar Sea. This light cone gives a huge 16% Crit Rate boost (which can make getting sub-stats on relics easier) and a 40% ATK buff after defeating an enemy. Other viable light cone options are:

  • Swordplay (gacha, four-star)
  • In The Night (gacha, Seele’s signature)
  • Worrisome, Blissful (gacha, Topaz and Numby’s signature)
  • Only Silence Remains (gacha, four-star)

Dr. Ratio’s Team Comps

As a DPS unit who is highly flexible, Dr. Ratio’s best team comps will tend to follow a template: someone who can debuff to trigger his follow-up attacks, a buffer, and a flex slot for either healing or shielding. Almost any character can find utility in a team with him, so free-to-play players do not need to worry. Even March 7th as a shielder can be just fine until there are better options. Some of his best teammates will be:

  • Silver Wolf (debuffer)
  • Topaz (sub-DPS)
  • Yukong (buffer)
  • Huohuo (healer/buffer)

Dr. Ratio’s Eidolons

As a unit that was given to players for free but also has a banner currently up, players may wonder if it’s worth it to go for Honkai: Star Rail‘s Dr. Ratio’s Eidolons. At E0, he’s perfectly fine, and it may be more worthwhile to pull for his signature light cone if players are debating between that and Eidolons. His early on Eidolons are fine, but it’s his later ones that really shine. His best will be:

  • E1- His Summation trace starts off the battle giving him a 10/20 Crit Rate/DMG buff and then raises the max stacks to 10.
  • E4- His follow-up attacks give 15 energy, boosting how often he’ll have his burst.
  • E6- Allows his follow-up attacks to happen more often and gives them a 50% DMG increase.


Honkai: Star Rail

April 26, 2023

T for Teen