Star Rail Leaks Enemy Lineup for Simulated Universe World 9


  • A new leak reveals players will need to take on Something Unto Death in Honkai: Star Rail’s Simulated Universe World 9 – a tough enemy in the game.
  • Players must defeat a variety of enemies in different difficulty levels to unlock rewards in the Simulated Universe combat mode.
  • Version 2.1 update will bring new characters and events to celebrate Honkai: Star Rail’s first anniversary in April 2023.

A Honkai: Star Rail leak has revealed the enemy lineup for Simulated Universe World 9, confirming players will take on Memory Zone Meme – Something Unto Death. Some Honkai: Star Rail players regard Something Unto Death, a creepy-looking skinny dragon, as one of the strongest enemies in the game. They are all right in their own ways, given that this creature gives them a hard time finishing the Through A Glass Darkly Trailblaze mission. Aside from an increased resistance to Frozen and Entanglement, it has a unique ability kit that delivers a degree of damage.

Honkai: Star Rail‘s Simulated Universe is a permanent combat mode where players must fight a roster of enemies in an enclosed world to get precious materials. There are different nodes within the Simulated Universe, which require Trailblazers to defeat the final boss after clearing regular mobs. Besides, these enclosed worlds have several difficulty levels, with the most difficult version offering better rewards. To unlock the Simulated Universe, players must finish the side quest given by Herta.


Honkai: Star Rail Leaks New Penacony Area

A recent Honkai: Star Rail leak teases a brand-new Penacony area that will reportedly be released in the first phase of version 2.1.

A recent Honkai: Star Rail version 2.1 leak from GuraLeak has revealed all the enemies in Simulated Universe World 9, confirming that players will encounter Something Unto Death, Dreamjolt Troupe’s Beyond Overcooked, Dreamjolt Troupe’s Sweet Gorilla, Abundance Sprite – Malefic Ape, Senior Staff: Team Leader, and Ice Out Of Space. This enemy lineup will require Trailblazers to assemble a powerful team to emerge victorious. In addition to Stellar Jades and credits, Honkai: Star Rail players will earn Silvermane Medal, Squirming Core, Conqueror’s Will, and Ancient Engine.

Honkai: Star Rail Simulated World 9 Enemy Lineup

  1. Something Unto Death
  2. Dreamjolt Troupe’s Beyond Overcooked
  3. Dreamjolt Troupe’s Sweet Gorilla
  4. Abundance Sprite – Malefic Ape
  5. Senior Staff: Team Leader
  6. Ice Out Of Space

Thanks to beta leaks, it became known that Honkai: Star Rail players will get a free copy of Herta by completing a time-limited event that takes place in Simulated Universe World 9. This event is set to run during version 2.1 and will possibly feature a similar enemy lineup as the newest world within the Simulated Universe. As with other festivities, it will offer a number of rewards, including credits.

Once the version 2.1 update is released, Honkai: Star Rail fans will meet new Penacony-based characters: Aventurine, Gallagher, and Acheron. The first phase of the update will promote the five-star heroine Acheron, while the second will bring the Imaginary-based unit Aventurine and the Fire damage dealer Gallagher. Version 2.1 is one of the biggest updates yet, and that’s because it coincides with Honkai: Star Rail‘s first anniversary. As revealed by previous leaks, players will snag freebies and attend special events to celebrate the game’s first anniversary in April.


Honkai: Star Rail

The fourth entry in HoYoverse’s Honkai franchise, Honkai: Star Rail is a free-to-play sci-fi RPG. Utilizing a turn-based combat system, the game includes dungeons, multiple planets, and a gacha system for unlocking new characters. Debuting on April 26, 2023, on PC and mobile, Honkai: Star Rail has also been announced for the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.