Star Rail Anniversary Event Offers Free Rewards, Global Events, and More


  • HoYoverse announces its first anniversary events for Honkai: Star Rail, featuring global events and plenty of in-game rewards to celebrate the first year of its newest game.
  • Honkai: Star Rail fans attending the event will earn multiple exclusive gifts, including commemorative coins, tickets, and collectible character cards.
  • Honkai: Star Rail is also offering multiple in-game rewards for its anniversary, rewarding players with 20 Star Rail Special Passes, 1,600 Stellar Jades, and new bonus reward events.

To celebrate the first anniversary of Honkai: Star Rail, HoYoverse is holding a massive global event with multiple locations and plenty of rewards for fans. The debut of the newest sci-fi RPG from Genshin Impact developer HoYoverse saw huge success following its April release, quickly amassing tens of millions of players. HoYoverse has consistently brought new content to the game in the following months, recently adding its first new playable world in Penacony with the Version 2.0 update. Now, the developer is gearing up for a major first anniversary celebration.

The launch of Penacony early last month brought a plethora of new additions to Honkai: Star Rail between new characters, places to explore, and more. Version 2.0 saw three new characters added to Honkai: Star Rail‘s roster with Black Swan and four-star character Misha during the first half and Sparkle during the second half. Penacony’s new areas also added several in-game traversal mechanics and new types of puzzles to Honkai: Star Rail. With the game’s first anniversary approaching, HoYoverse is celebrating in style with plenty of new events.


Honkai: Star Rail Introduces New Character Boothill

Honkai: Star Rail reveals a brand-new playable character, Boothill, who will appear in an event-exclusive banner in version 2.2.

Alongside the airing of the Version 2.1 Special Program, HoYoverse also announced its plans for Honkai: Star Rail‘s first anniversary celebrations. HoYoverse revealed the “Star Rail Anniversary Carnival” as a series of global in-person events focused around Honkai: Star Rail with multiple events across several continents. The events are set to kick off in late March, with attendees receiving gifts including an anniversary commemorative coin, a commemorative ticket, and a collectible character card. The series of live events will culminate in the “Penacony Carnival” in Tokyo on April 26, the date of the game’s launch.

Honkai: Star Rail Announces “Star Rail Anniversary Carnival” Event

Global Events

  • March 26: Taipei
  • March 27: Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta
  • March 28: Seoul
  • March 30: Manila, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Paris, Berlin, Los Angeles
  • April 8: Seibu Line
  • April 17: South Korea (Boor Chicken partnership)
  • April 26: Tokyo

In-Person Event Rewards

  • Anniversary Coin
  • Anniversary Ticket
  • Anniversary Character Collectible Card

In-Game Rewards

  • 20 Star Rail Special Passes during Version 2.1
  • 1,600 Stellar Jades on April 26
  • “Cosmodyssey” global event
  • “Planar Fissure 300%” and “Realm of the Strange 300%” events

The in-person events aren’t the only thing HoYoverse has planned for Honkai: Star Rail‘s first anniversary, with a multitude of in-game rewards coming. Players will be able to receive up to 20 Star Rail Special Passes throughout the duration of Version 2.1, alongside an extra 1,600 Stellar Jades rewarded on April 26. The update will feature a global co-op event called “Cosmodyssey,” with players around the world working together to earn more rewards. The “Planar Fissure” and “Realm of the Strange” events will also run during Version 2.1, with 300% drop rates.

Honkai: Star Rail‘s first anniversary celebrations follow a hugely successful year for the newest game from HoYoverse. A recent revenue report from February shows that Honkai: Star Rail continues to match Genshin Impact‘s numbers, even after its initial debut hype. The game has inspired plenty of changes from its predecessor as well, with Honkai: Star Rail boasting multiple highly sought-after features for Genshin Impact players. The live events and in-game rewards will celebrate a first year full of significant achievements for Honkai: Star Rail.


Honkai: Star Rail

The fourth entry in HoYoverse’s Honkai franchise, Honkai: Star Rail is a free-to-play sci-fi RPG. Utilizing a turn-based combat system, the game includes dungeons, multiple planets, and a gacha system for unlocking new characters. Debuting on April 26, 2023, on PC and mobile, Honkai: Star Rail has also been announced for the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

April 26, 2023

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