Squarelets is an image guessing game with a lovely pastel aesthetic

  • A beautiful-looking image guessing game.
  • Each round uses AI to generate more abstract art.
  • Available for iOS through TestFlight.

Earlier this week, I attended Pocket Gamer Connects London (the 10th-anniversary edition). It’s an event hosted by Steel Media that sees developers, publishers, investors and other industry folk gathering together to network. While predominately a B2B event, there are still plenty of wonderful games to check out and tell all of you about, including Chaos Cookie’s Squarelets.

The aim of Squarelets is simple. Each round presents a low-resolution image at the top and six smaller pictures below it. All you have to do is guess which of those six matches the one at the top.

By tapping away on the screen, you can reveal more and more of the low-resolution picture, making it much easier to guess. However, the more you unveil, the fewer points you earn when you get it right. So, if you’re a score chaser, you must balance getting all the information you need with an educated guess. If you’re wrong, you will lose one of your five lives.

Since the images are generated by AI each round, you can, in theory, go on forever. But, with each passing round, the puzzles increase in difficulty, so you will likely struggle the further you progress into the latter stages. To add some extra motivation to your image guessing, you can unlock badges while competing against your pals for the highest score.

Squarelets sports a lovely colourful pastel look by default, but if you’re feeling something more edgy, you can switch it over to the neon dark mode for a more cool aesthetic. I personally prefer the bright and cheerful approach since it suits the game’s laid-back nature and meditative goals.

While not fully available just yet, if you’re on iOS, you can play Squarelets now by downloading it through Testflight.

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