Squad-based RPG Guild of Guardians gets global release date

  • Guild of Guardians, an upcoming squad-based RPG, is set to release May 15th
  • The game has already accrued 1 million pre-registered users
  • It was developed in collaboration with the storied studio Mineloader

Guild of Guardians, an upcoming squad-based RPG that’s the flagship title for new studio Immutable Games, is set to launch on May 15th worldwide. It previously soft-launched to positive reception in Canada, Australia and Indonesia, and Immutable Games boasts that they’ll deliver deep, strategic gameplay with Guild of Guardians.

Set in the world of Elderym, a world that has been ravaged by a corrupting force, you’ll play as heroes called “Guardians” who explore the ruins of once-great cities hoping to bring light back to the world. It looks to be a pretty solid RPG experience, but there is a bit of a catch.

The Web3-word

Yes, Guild of Guardians is a web3 game. Well, in fairness, it’s not ‘just’ a web3 game, as there is an actual squad-based RPG here. Announced back in 2022, at the height of the web3 craze, Guild of Guardians boasts of how you can collect and ‘burn’ NFTs to accrue rewards, like more powerful Guardians. And it’s a shame this seems to overshadow the other aspects, like rogue-lite mechanics or dynamic gameplay, which we think would interest average gamers more.

While Immutable is very eager to point out this aspect, we can’t help but guess that Guild of Guardians will live or die based on how good it actually is as a game on its own, and not just a marketplace for people trading digital collectibles. With NFTs seeming a bit passé nowadays, here’s hoping Immutable focuses on what has made the game appealing to regular players already.

If you need to see how other games are promoting themselves without this kind of thing, look no further than Astra: Knights of Veda’s latest collaboration with high-profile K-pop stars. Flint’s new side-scrolling beat ’em up coming to iOS and Android will feature exclusive songs from groups like Seventeen and Le Sserafim. Meanwhile Rush Royale, My.Games’ top tower-defence game, has gotten a bit of a boost in South Korea thanks to famous actors guest-starring in a new line of commercials.