Splatoon 3 Reveals Next Splatfest Dates and Options


  • Nintendo announces a holiday-themed Splatfest event for Splatoon 3 that will run from January 12-14, 2024.
  • Players can choose between three teams – Friends, Family, or Solo – to compete and earn Super Sea Snails.
  • Frosty Fest brings wintry gear, new weapons, and a performance by the Squid Sisters, with free gear available to players.

Nintendo has announced its next Splatfest event for Splatoon 3 begins on January 12 and will be holiday-themed. Splatoon 3 players may reminisce about the holiday season while attempting to claim victory for one of three teams, and the team that’s victorious will earn a fair share of Super Sea Snails.

Launched on December 1, Chill Season 2023 is the sixth season of Splatoon 3. The season celebrates the holiday season with new wintry gear and accessories, a new King Salmonid in the limited-time Big Run mode, and various new weapons. Additionally, the fan-favorite Chirpy Chips band from the previous Splatoon games made their long-awaited return with new battle music for online matches. In January, Splatoon 3 players may participate in Tricolor Turf War matches to determine the victor of the winter Splatfest.


Splatoon 3 Best Greeting Splatfest Winner and Full Results

Splatoon 3’s latest Splatfest has come to a close, and the victor shows that they worked hard for the win, even if it might surprise some players.

Nintendo’s official Splatoon Twitter account confirms the next Splatfest, Frosty Fest, will be held from January 12 to 14, 2024 in Splatoon 3. The Splatfest’s theme is” Who do you spend the holidays with?” and the three options that Splatoon 3 players may select are “Friends,” “Family,” or “Solo.” Shiver will lead Team Friends, Frye will lead Team Family, and Big Man will lead Team Solo. Nintendo confirms that voting will begin on January 5, allowing players to pick their team and prepare for Frosty Fest to begin exactly one week later.

Splatoon 3 January Splatfest Dates, Theme and Options

  • Dates: Friday, January 12, 2024, from 4:00 PM PT to Sunday, January 14, 2024, at 4:00 PM PT
  • Theme: Who do you spend the holidays with?
  • Options:

Similarly to Splatoon 3‘s Halloween Splatfest, all three members of Deep Cut will be wearing specially themed attire to match the occasion. What’s more, the Squid Sisters will be performing on the Inkopolis stage with their own wintry attire. During Frosty Fest, snow will fall in Splatsville and Inkopolis, and both hubs will be decorated with snowmen and other wintry accessories.

Closer to the start of the Splatfest, Splatoon 3 players will have the opportunity to obtain Frosty Fest gear for free. Players may earn the new gear by simply opening the News section on Nintendo Switch for Splatoon 3 and launching the game from an associated Squid Research Lab article. However, Nintendo did not reveal the exact date for when this particular article will be published, and details about the postponed Splatoon 3 Koshien tournament were not revealed either.

Frosty Fest has the opportunity to right some wrongs from Splatoon 3’s Chill Season 2023 Big Run event, which distributed the wrong amount of rewards to players. All players will receive Super Sea Snails for participating in the Splatfest, with the winning team earning the most amount of Super Sea Snails per individual. The proper distribution of free Frosty Fest gear and Super Sea Snails would certainly encourage more players to continue taking part in future in-game events.

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