December 10, 2023
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Spin Rhythm XD gameplay

New gameplay is here to give us a look at the Switch game Spin Rhythm XD. Super Spin Digital just put the rhythm game on the console this week.

We’ve got a bunch of information about it in the following overview:

Spin, tap, scratch and flow through heavy-hitting songs as they twist and turn through a hyper-vibrant galaxy. Wield a digital turntable to match rapid-fire colors and beats while grooving with the music. As difficulty ramps up, more actions like sustaining notes, free-spinning, and smashing chunky bass hits with the offhand come into play. Keep the party going with mouse and keyboard controls or crank the action up to 11: Spin Rhythm XD is compatible with most existing MIDI DJ controllers.

Steam Early Access opens up with 15 tasty tracks from DJs around the world for players to master and rack up high scores. Featuring 12+ original tunes and other incredible bangers from artists like Nitro Fun, Hyper Potions, Tokyo Machine, Tristam, Pegboard Nerds, Panda Eyes and many more, fans of rhythm games and music alike will find something scratch-worthy. Super Spin Digital is partnering with forward-thinking record label Monstercat (who has contributed to Beat Saber and Rocket League) so anyone can find something up their alley thanks to an eclectic selection of artists.

Each jam is matched to its own themed 100% hand-designed level matching the feel of the song. Multiple difficulty settings make Spin Rhythm XD perfect for both quick sessions or high score chasing. Control the music as it flows through the cosmos, but perform well or the song will crash and burn, ending the track and spoiling highly-anticipated drops.

You can find the gameplay for Spin Rhythm XD below.


Spin Rhythm XD is available digitally on the Switch eShop with English, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Korean, Chinese (Simplified), and Chinese (Traditional) languages.

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