Space Dandy Boomer Shooter, MULLET MAD JACK, Has a 10-Second Rule – Gamezebo

MULLET MAD JACK may seem like a crazy name for a game, but it perfectly describes the upcoming first-person FPS. Meet MadJack, a highly-strung, charismatic, and ever so slightly dangerous guy. It’s in his (and your) best interest to kill all in sight as quickly as possible. Why, you ask? Well, you’ve got 10 seconds to replenish your ‘dopamine’, otherwise you’ll die.

If you’d like to learn more about MULLET MAD JACK, make sure to visit the game’s official Steam page – where you can also add it to your wishlist!

One Shot is All It Takes

Let’s get back into the action. MULLET MAD JACK is an ode to the classic boomer shooters, but with a hint of anime, and an entire paint bucket’s worth of vibrancy. Every stage is randomly generated to avoid the risk of frustratingly repetitive levels, especially if you don’t manage to kill anyone in 10 seconds flat.

The roguelite side of things comes into play when upgrading MadJack each time you reach a new floor. There are tons of unique ways to build your character up, such as new weapons to blast your enemies away, and bone-crushingly effective power-ups.

Boom and Gloom

It’s 2090, a period where AI robots are now in charge – and the people aren’t happy about it. That’s why Moderators like Mad Jack have took it upon themselves to destroy these mechanical beings once and for all. Despite the futuristic lore and settings of the game, the overall aesthetic is reminiscent of old-school anime.

My brain goes straight to Cowboy Bepop and Space Dandy when I look at the character designs – which I’m very much a fan of. There’s something quite charming about nostalgic art styles combined with a world that feels so very different from ours – then again, it doesn’t feel like we’re too far off sometimes.

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