South Korean zombie drama mobile game adaption Kingdom: The Blood passes 1m pre-registrations

  • The game is based on the South Korean drama
  • It features unique wuxia-inspired swordplay and vicious zombie opponents
  • It’s described as ‘an action RPG with a soulslike concept’

Kingdom: The Blood, a multiplayer action RPG based on the titular Korean drama has just surpassed over one million pre-registrations. Set to release on the 5th of March, the highly anticipated game bills itself as a soulslike that pits players against hordes of zombies and terrifying bosses, all with the backdrop of late-medieval Korea.

Kingdom is a Korean drama set in South Korea during the 16th century, just a few years after the Japanese invasions of Korea known as the Imjin War, it follows Lee Chang the heir apparent to the kingdom of Joseon. Investigating the outbreak of a mysterious disease affecting the king of Joseon, Lee Chang instead uncovers something far more deadly, virulent and horrifying that threatens to destroy Joseon if internal politicking doesn’t do so first.

South Korean Zombie Wuxia action

While we always hesitate to say something is ‘unique’ – there is nothing new under the sun when it comes to games after all – Kingdom: The Blood definitely has a strong setting and concept. Historical zombie fiction is something sorely underrated and is set in medieval Korea even more so. It seems players agree, as you may remember we only recently reported that the game crossed 500k pre-registrations a grand total of one week ago.

Of course, it’s fair to say a great deal of these might be players from South Korea, where the show originated. But even so, it’s an impressive number and indicative of the hype building around the game. This makes it a little bit strange Netflix Games have missed out on getting this onto their service. After all, a soulslike RPG? With multiplayer? If anything’s likely to build anticipation and be a great way to promote the show, it’s something like that.

Strange, but nonetheless, why not check out our list of the ten best titles on the Netflix Games service to see what else they have on offer? Stay tuned to find out more about Kingdom: The Blood as it happens!