September 29, 2023

After a SOULS Tier List? Well, here it is! Here we cover the heroes of the wonderful adventure game, SOULS. We craft our tier lists from our own experiences, and you may find a different team works for you. But hey, at least hear us out! We think you will benefit from our suggestions.

SOULS is an immersive roleplay mobile game with an exquisite art style. Embark on your adventure where you begin on a broken continent consumed by darkness. Become invested in the gameplay as you meet heroes with unique traits and personalities. Using the various heroes to strategise your gameplay, you can take down enemies, uncover prizes and save the world!

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SOULS Tier List

So let’s see the tier list.

How The Ranking Works

  • S-Tier: These heroes are our favorites! Overall very OP.
  • A-Tier: Excellent heroes with awesome potential for your team.
  • B-Tier: Our average! We found these heroes to just be…. okay.
  • C-Tier: In a pinch, you can give these heroes a try.
  • D-Tier: We wouldn’t recommend these, but maybe you’re a fan.


  • Babu [Epic, Tanker, Strength]
  • Benzel [Epic, Dealer Intelligence]
  • Bahzam [Epic, Dealer, Agility]
  • Kaion [Epic, Dealer, Strength]
  • Taros [Epic, Tanker, Strength]
  • Ulion [Epic, Dealer, Strength]
  • Zenon [Epic, Supporter, Strength]
  • Lilith [Epic, Dealer, Agility]
  • Rakan [Epic, Tanker, Strength]


  • Zagrako [Epic, Tanker, Strength]
  • Carmen [Epic, Dealer, Intelligence]
  • Milia [Epic, Dealer, Agility]
  • Abala [Epic, Tanker, Strength]
  • Solina [Epic, Healer, Intelligence]
  • Richelle [Epic, Tanker, Strength]
  • Sol [Epic, Dealer, Agility]
  • Tania [Epic, Dealer, Agility]
  • Nuel [Epic, Supporter, Agility]
  • Fleta [Epic, Dealer, Agility]
  • Lagou [Epic, Tanker, Strength]
  • Sander [Epic, Dealer, Agility]
  • Telfer [Epic, Dealer, Agility]
  • Lulu [Epic, Supporter, Intelligence]
  • Void [Epic, Healer, Intelligence]
  • Odelia [Epic, Healer, Intelligence]


  • Aruru [Epic, Healer, Intelligence]
  • Ken [Epic, Dealer, Agility]
  • Calix [Epic, Supporter, Agility]
  • Fiona [Epic, Healer, Intelligence]
  • Dolucos [Epic, Dealer, Intelligence]
  • Idina [Epic, Suporter, Intelligence]
  • Harfa [Epic, Tanker, Strength]
  • Ash [Epic, Supporter, Intelligence]
  • Paru [Epic, Supporter, Agility]
  • Galan [Epic, Supporter, Intelligence]
  • Aolmond [Epic, Healer, Intelligence]
  • Amanda [Epic, Dealer, Agility]
  • Dextor [Epic, Supporter, Agility]
  • Naru [Epic, Healer, Intelligence]
  • Olga [Epic, Supporter, Strength]


  • Navia [Rare, Supporter, Intelligence]
  • Crut [Rare, Tanker, Strength]
  • Bakra [Rare, Tanker, Strength]
  • Asjek [Rare, Dealer, Agility]
  • Luke [Rare, Dealer, Agility]
  • Mara [Rare, Supporter, Intelligence]
  • Aron [Rare, Tanker, Strength]
  • Dudu [Rare, Healer, Intelligence]
  • Ravi [Rare, Supporter, Agility]
  • Mara [Rare, Supporter, Intelligence]
  • Kate [Rare, Dealer, Intelligence]
  • Declas [Rare, Supporter, Agility]
  • Denver [Rare, Dealer, Agility]


  • Nok [Normal, Dealer, Agility]
  • Pico [Normal, Healer, Intelligence]
  • Goda [Normal, Tanker, Strength]
  • Thomas [Normal, Dealer, Strength]
  • Basham [Normal, Dealer, Intelligence]
  • Marty [Normal, Dealer, Agility]
  • Gilda [Normal, Dealer, Intelligence]
  • Ann [Normal, Dealer, Strength]

When Do We Update Our Tier Lists?

We try to keep these as relevant as possible! Our tier lists get freshly edited when the game has updates that change the power balance or add more characters to the game.

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