Sony ‘Fixes’ PlayStation Portal Hack That Let It Run PSP Games


  • Google engineers hacked the PlayStation Portal to play PSP games, fixed by Sony with bug patch in update 2.06.
  • Sony fixed the problem with update 2.06.
  • Rumors point to new PlayStation handheld with cloud gaming tech.

After Google engineers hacked the PlayStation Portal to run PSP games natively, Sony fixed the bug, removing this unintended functionality from its latest handheld. The fix had a helping hand from engineers Andy Nguyen and Calle Svensson when the former said they “responsibly reported the issues to PlayStation,” allowing Sony to find and patch the bug.

When the PlayStation Portal was first unveiled, it sparked a wave of anticipation and excitement among gamers. Many envisioned Sony’s new handheld as a dedicated portable console, but that was not the case. The PlayStation Portal is an accessory for playing PS5 games remotely and owning the console is a requirement. However, fans were ecstatic when two Google engineers revealed they had hacked the PlayStation Portal to run PSP games natively, opening up a world of possibilities for the hardware.


Sony Seemingly Struggling To Restock PlayStation Portal

Sony is seemingly having a difficult time restocking the PlayStation Portal handheld following its highly successful release.

But the celebrations were short-lived. Andy Nguyen took to Twitter to announce that he had reported the issues to PlayStation and that a fix for the hack on the PlayStation Portal is in update 2.06. Despite the unhappiness of several users, Nguyen said it was just a matter of weeks until Sony fixed the bug and that his report would not change the outcome. Users who want to play PSP games on the PlayStation Portal will have to resort to the PlayStation Plus Premium service again.

PlayStation Portal Hackers Helped Sony Fix the Hack

Despite the frustrations and complaints of users on the internet, the PlayStation Portal quickly became popular with its owners and went out of stock shortly after its release. The project was one of Jim Ryan’s last endeavors as CEO of PlayStation, who formally retired at the end of March. And while the PlayStation Portal is a competent accessory, many fans wonder if Sony will ever return to the handheld game console market after the PS Vita failed to appeal.

It seems Sony is listening to its audience, as a new patent hints at a new PlayStation handheld. This latest patent references the brand’s old handhelds, such as PSP and PS Vita, and supposedly would have cloud gaming technology, something not available on the PlayStation Portal. The patent also highlights that it wants to facilitate switching between playing a game on the console and a mobile gaming device format, suggesting a hybrid model, like the Nintendo Switch.

With cloud gaming technology, it’s possible that the new handheld device will not have dedicated games. Instead, it could directly run PS4 and PS5 games without sacrificing responsiveness or visual quality. This would allow for seamless switching between console and handheld device gaming. However, everything is still speculation. So far, Sony has yet to formally reveal the mid-gen upgrade for PlayStation 5, which may come before a possible announcement of a new handheld.


PlayStation Portal

Playing Time
6-8 hours



Headset Compatibility
3.5mm, PlayStation Link

8-inch LCD

Output resolution

Release Date
November 15, 2023