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Though it’s not Easter anymore that hardly means the celebrations need to stop. This Sols RNG All Egg Locations Guide tells you where each of the 15 Eggs is hiding to complete the first of Limes quests!

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Sols RNG All Egg Locations Guide

To begin this quest, chat to the Lime NPC who sits on a bench directly behind the spawning platform. She rambles through some dialogue, then offers you a quest to locate 15 Eggs and return to her. When found, each egg will appear inside an index with its name, typically something colour-related.

Easy Egg Locations

These eggs are the easier ones to find, with little to no parkour or trickery of camera needed.

Carnation Pink Egg – Next to the bench where Lime is sitting. This is the absolute easiest egg to obtain.

Magenta Egg – Inside the house on the hill.

Institutional White Egg – Inside the casing on the Robux shop strip behind the house.

Ghost Grey Egg – Behind the Top Donated leaderboard in the island’s corner.

Dark Nougat Egg – On the drop-off behind the fenced pen, leap off the hill and it’ll be nestled in the corner.

Deep Orange Egg – Complete the island parkour and then go back on yourself heading on the platforms leading to the tree.

New Yeller Egg – Behind Spawn, walk along the corner of the map heading towards the waterfall. There should be a hidden platform with a tree just below the island with this egg.

Tricky Egg Locations

These eggs are harder to fetch, but made easier with this guide, thankfully!

Sand Blue Egg – Complete the island parkour and peer down the side of the platform with the star. This egg will be hanging off the ledge and you’ll have to jump off the island to snatch it.

Medium Brown Egg – Begin the parkour along the trees as though you’re heading into the cave. At the ladder which climbs up the rock surface, look to the left and on a drop-off platform is this egg. It camouflages into the cliffs almost perfectly, but I promise it’s there!

Bright Blueish Green Egg – Maybe you find this one easy, but I suck at obbys so it’s going in the tricky section! To find this egg, head into the cave and over the collapsing bridge. Follow the path leading down to the right where the candles surrounding the picture frame are located and this egg is waiting next to them.

Lapis Egg – Drop into the water after collecting the Bright Blueish Green Egg, then head into the first waterfall on your right and follow it into the cave. On a ledge next to the tent is this egg.

Really Black Egg – This egg blends in seamlessly. Exit the waterfall and onto the nearest platform of land. In the far upper left corner behind the massive pillar is the egg.

Smokey Grey Egg – For this egg, complete the parkour in the centre of the cave and head to the Alter room through the invisible wall. On top of the ledge in the Alter room is the Smokey Grey Egg.

Maroon Egg – Still in the cave, head into Stella’s room by completing the candle parkour. Inside the glowing pond at the entrance is this egg.

Lilac Egg – The final egg is hidden inside Stella’s tent! Now you can head back to Lime and complete the quest.

What’s The Reward?

Completing this quest will award you with the Star Egg. If there are any left in stock that is. This UGC is exclusive to this Sols RNG event alongside the Lock Egg. Both these rewards are pillars to show other players throughout the entire Robloxverse your commitment to Sols RNG and being the luckiest!