Solquence is an intuitive puzzler that combines strategy and poker, currently available on Android and iOS

Solquence is an entertaining puzzle game that combines both strategy and classic poker elements. The title was first launched by Contentato, run by solo indie developer Jason in June 2022. It uses quite a simple 7×7 board but still promises hours of captivating gameplay as players uncover more and more strategies while planning their next move.

In Soloquence, players must place cards as they are drawn and make matches in order to clear the entire board. The content is pretty easy to understand but keeps getting harder as players progress through the levels. The addition of special cards makes the entire experience even more intriguing as it introduces another layer of challenge.

Contentato was founded in November 2021 by Jason, who decided to work during his off hours on a simple puzzle game. Six months in, what began as a prototype was just too engaging to leave. Thus, Solquence was born as published on Google Play, the App Store, and More recently, before moving on to another project, Jason revisited Solquence to polish it leading to the updated and upgraded version that is currently available for download.

The game now features a diverse array of features, including five skins to choose from alongside dark mode, sunny, and cosy casino themes. A user-friendly in-game tutorial makes the basics easy to understand. All mechanics are well explained and players can make use of all Poker rules to strategically match cards by forming straights, flushes, pairs, and triples.

Another cool feature is the lack of need for the internet. Players don’t require a network connection to play making it the perfect pastime just about anywhere. The completely single-player nature means you will always be competing with yourself, hitting one high score after the other.

If this sounds like something up your alley, download Solquence for $4.99 or your regional equivalent.

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