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Summoned a bunch of weapons instead of a new character? Better have a look at our Solo Leveling Arise Weapon Tier List then!

Visit the Solo Leveling Arise official website to learn more about the ARPG. If you’re a fan of Solo Leveling, or even if you’re new to the franchise, have a nosey at our Solo Leveling Arise Tier List that ranks all of the characters!

Solo Leveling Arise Weapon Tier List

Obtaining the strongest weapon in a gacha game is always a longtime goal for players! Those in S-tier are the most sought-after, but there’s nothing wrong with aiming for an A-tier either. B-tier can be used with caution, and C/D tier should be avoided.

S Tier

Our top choices for weapons in Solo Leveling Arise!

  • Shadow Scythe
  • Demonic Plum Flower Sword
  • The Demon King’s Longsword
  • Thetis’ Grimoire

A Tier

Powerful on the battlefield, and even better when you upgrade them.

  • Orc’s Broadsword
  • Orb of Avarice
  • Kasaka’s Venom Fang
  • The Huntsman
  • Vulcan’s Rage
  • Burning Demon’s Grimoire
  • Dragonscale Broadsword

B Tier

Using any of these weapons isn’t a bad thing, but once you get a weapon from the above tiers, swap it quickly!

  • Ice Elf’s Bow
  • Steel Staff
  • Steel Axe
  • Demon Knight’s Spear
  • Steel Shield
  • Steel Dagger
  • Lustrous Dragon Sword
  • Grave Keeper’s Scythe
  • Knight Killer
  • Radiru Family’s Longbow
  • Ancient Grimoire
  • Baruka’s Dagger
  • Steel Longsword
  • Frostbite Falchion
  • Naga Guardian Dragon’s Trident
  • Steel Bow

C Tier

Don’t upgrade any of these weapons. Trust me, you’ll regret it!

  • Sandstorm Cube
  • Black Hawk
  • Lizard Glaive
  • Lycan Slayer
  • Rock Golem Hammer
  • West Wind
  • Kim Sangshik’s Sword

D Tier

The worst weapons to equip in the game – you’ll find that these are the most common ones to drop at times.

  • Arachnid’s Hand Crossbow
  • Knight’s Sword
  • Razan’s Blade
  • Sword
  • Staff
  • Shield
  • Bow
  • Dagger
  • Hatchet
  • Essense of Magic

About Solo Leveling Arise

Solo Leveling: Arise is a mobile ARPG that adapts the original storyline into an interactive world! Head into battle with your equipped weapons, and fight alongside your collected companions (also known as ‘Hunters’) as you go against mighty bosses.

Complete challenges and tasks to earn brand-new outfits to freshen up your style, and sit back as you watch the immersive 3D cutscenes. This game is made for Solo Leveling fans alike and newcomers to the franchise!