Slitterhead Will be Showcased in 2024

Things have been somewhat quiet for Bokeh Game Studio since it first revealed Slitterhead, its upcoming horror game. Pre-alpha gameplay was showcased last July, but that’s pretty much it. Given how it involves those who worked on the Silent Hill and Siren series, there’s a fair amount of expectation from the title.

Thankfully, it won’t be long before we see more. Studio founders Kazunobu Sato and Keiichiro Toyama have revealed that 2024 will be the year Slitterhead is shown off. Speaking to for its end-of-year interview with Japanese game studios (translation via Gematsu), Sato, “Bokeh Game Studio continues its hard work on the development of Slitterhead. I think next year will be a special year for the project.”

Toyama said the year would be “decisive” since “our studio’s first title Slitterhead will really begin being shown. Given that it will significantly influence our future, it will be an important year, so I would like to face it with enthusiasm.”

Slitterhead’s premise and story are still very much a mystery. While the pre-alpha gameplay showcased some melee combat, unique abilities and various monsters to battle, Toyama has stated that it “spans over multiple genres where horror is expressed.” The goal is to appeal to those who “don’t usually play horror games” with enjoyable action “yet whose concept doesn’t solely revolve around killing enemies. It conflicts the mind, making the players reluctant to enter certain fights. I want to achieve both action and drama with this game.”

Stay tuned for more updates next year (and hopefully details on a release window). In the meantime, check out some spooky concept art for Slitterhead here.