Slay Monsters to Reclaim Your Kingdom in Upcoming Dark Fantasy Soulslike, Rubinite – Gamezebo

Are you ready for an epic journey filled with danger and revenge? Look no further than Rubinite, the latest dark fantasy boss rush action game coming soon on Steam.

‘Focus’ on the Goal

Forget mindless button-mashing – Rubinite introduces the game-changing “Focus” mechanic. It’s not just about swinging your weapon wildly; it’s about being smart and precise. Playing as the badass princess Ruby, you’re on a mission to snatch back the Scarlet Kingdom. But beware, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill quest; your enemies are tougher than you think. To survive, you’ve gotta strategize, find weak points, and unleash those killer thrust attacks for maximum carnage.

Ruby’s saga is a rollercoaster of betrayal and payback. Escaping her own kingdom, she’s now on a no-holds-barred quest to reclaim what’s rightfully hers. The journey is a blood-soaked frenzy, encountering ancient cults and undead foes at every twist and turn. But hey, with each baddie Ruby conquers, she levels up, absorbing their powers like a boss. Revenge never tasted so sweet!

Slay in Style

But hold on, it’s not just about slaying – it’s about style. Rubinite lets you craft killer talismans to fit your combat vibe. Whether you’re into smashing things or playing it sly, shape Ruby’s toolkit to match your gaming mojo.

And can we talk about the pixel art? Brace yourself for a visual feast! Every scene is a masterpiece, capturing the Scarlet Kingdom’s epicness in pixelated glory. As you dive into each heart-pounding battle, be prepared to be spellbound by the sheer artistic brilliance that makes Rubinite a pixel-perfect stunner.

Don’t be a snoozer – add Rubinite to your wishlist now! Get ready to focus, fight, and snatch back a kingdom drowned in darkness. The call of Rubinite is ringing – are you gonna pick up?

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