Skull and Bones open beta release date, start time countdown and how to get

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In less than a week we will all be able to abandon our lives on land to live the dream of exploring the endless sea as a no-good pirate. And, best of all, we will all be able to experience this fantasy for free thanks to Ubisoft’s generous demo. Here you will find the Skull and Bones open beta release date and start time countdown so you know when it will come out along with how to get it.

Ubisoft’s second pirates game after Assassin’s Creed Black Flag has suffered countless delays, but, thankfully, the final release date is confirmed for February 16th with three days of early access from February 13th if you exchange your real-life booty of gold for the Premium edition. In our past previews, we have said Skull and Bones is really fun, but there’s naturally lots of skepticism because of the frequent delays and reported development hell.

It’s understandable that many gamers are reluctant to jump aboard the ship of Ubisoft’s newest video game. Many are expecting it to crash and sink like the Titanic, but hopefully, its open beta convinces everyone the game is a lot better than expected.

Skull and Bones open beta release date

The release date for the Skull and Bones open beta is February 7th. You will be able to play the open demo whether you are on PS5, Xbox, or PC.

As for the full game, it launches on February 16th with early access from February 13th. It is only possible to get early access if you exchange your riches for the Premium edition. Development initially began for S&B all the way back in 2013 as an Assassin’s Creed Black Flag expansion, and it was first revealed as its very own independent game in 2017.

We’ve been waiting seven years since its first reveal and it is finally coming out. And, even if you don’t plan to buy the game, you can at least enjoy it for free.

When does the Skull and Bones open beta start?

The release date and start time for the Skull and Bones open beta is 6 PM PT/ 9 PM ET on February 7th, as well as 2 AM GMT on February 8th. All of these launch hours come courtesy of Ubisoft’s official countdown shared on their open beta web page.

Skull and Bones open beta release time US

  • 6 PM PT on Wednesday, February 7th
  •  9 PM ET on Wednesday, February 7th

Skull and Bones open beta start time UK

  • 2 AM GMT on Thursday, February 8th

Skull and Bones open beta release date and start time countdown

Below is a countdown to the Skull and Bones release date and start time:

When does it end?

Ubisoft says the demo will end on February 11th at 2:59 PM PT/ 5:59 PM ET/ 10:59 PM GMT. This basically means you get three days of gameplay.

Assuming you buy the full game, your progress will carry over. This includes campaign progress and unlocked rewards. However, what will not carry over are Infamy Points earned after Infamy Brigand.

How to get

You will be able to get the Skull and Bones open beta for free on PS5, Xbox, and PC. Unfortunately, for PC, it is not on Steam, but it is available through Ubisoft Connect and the Epic Games store.

We have a complete guide for how to preload the demo ahead of launch. This will make sure you’re able to play the swashbuckling pirate adventure as much as possible before the trial ends. Below is a list of content you have to anticipate during the demo:

Dynamics events:

  • Ghost ship
  •  Sea monsters
  •  Merchant convoys
  •  Elite warships

Five rewards:

  • Basilisk 1 Culverin weapon
  •  Two ship cosmetics
  •  Cookie The Remur Pet
  •  Sign Language Emote

Pre-order bonuses

Below are all the pre-order bonuses and prices for Skull and Bones (via PSN store):

Standard edition – £69.99:

  • Highness of the High Sea PackNotoriety Garb
  •  Coronation Firework

Premium edition – £99.99:

  • Highness of the High Sea PackNotoriety Garb
  •  Coronation Firework
  •  3 Days Early Access (February 13th)
  •  Premium Bonus Pack
  •  2 Extra Missions
  •  Smugglers Pass Token
  •  Digital Artbook
  •  Digital Soundtrack

And that’s everything you need to know about how to get the Skull and Bones open beta. For more gaming goodness, here is how to refund Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League, and here is the release date and time for MW3 Season 2.