Six things Fortnite secretly removed in new season

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The new Fortnite season has brought many new things to the game. From map changes and new items to a unique Battle Pass and various cosmetics, players have a lot of new content to enjoy. However, Epic Games has also removed many things with the release of Chapter 5 Season 2. Some of these were removed rather secretly, as many players haven’t noticed they were gone.

In this article, we’ll take a look at six things that were secretly removed from Fortnite in a new season. However, before we start, check out our guide on how to unlock free skins in Fortnite. If you need to level up quickly in the new season, our list of updated XP maps in Fortnite will help you with that.

Fortnite secret vaultings

Chains of Hades

Chains of Hades is a new Mythic item in Chapter 5 Season 2. The item belongs to Hades, who is also a Battle Pass skin. However, many players don’t even know that it was already removed from the game!

The Mythic was available for a brief time on the first day of the season. For some reason, Epic Games released it to the game, allowing players to obtain it in Team Rumble. However, it appears that the item wasn’t intended to be obtainable so early in the season, which is why it was vaulted shortly after. However, we’ll almost certainly get Chains of Hades back within a few weeks.


Sewers were very popular in the last few weeks of Chapter 5 Season 1, due to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collaboration. However, the new Fortnite season completely removed them from the map, disabling this type of travel.

The worst thing? The entrance to the secret turtle lair has also been blocked, but we’re hoping that the four turtles made it out alive!

2x scope

With the release of Fortnite Chapter 5, Epic released weapon mods. This feature is amazing, as it allows players to fully customize their weapons and adjust them to their liking. However, there was a small change that came out with a new Fortnite season, and many players didn’t notice it.

Epic removed the 2x scope mod with the new season, which is very unfortunate. This scope was versatile and was amazing for assault rifles. However, to make up for it, the development team released a thermal sight scope. After trying this scope out for a few games, there is no doubt that it’s one of the best mods in the game!


Foraged items have been in Fortnite for a few years. They are amazing for quick heals, and Epic released a small change that affects them. With the release of Season 2, it is possible to eat foraged items while walking. However, you may not have noticed that one of the foraged items was completely removed from the game.

Bananas can no longer be found in Fortnite, and there is a reason for this. According to Hypex, the most popular Fortnite leaker, the development team is working on a new item called Golden Banana. This item will likely have something to do with Midas, a fan-favorite character who will soon return to the game.

Bounty Boards

Epic Games released Bounty Boards in Chapter 2 Season 6, allowing players to earn Gold. However, these boards were removed with the release of a new Fortnite season. More specifically, the developer replaced them with a new feature.

For the second time, Epic replaced Bounty Boards with Job Boards. At the moment, you can find four different types of Job Boards on the island, as each of them gives you a different task. You can still get Bounties, but you need to find the right type of Job Board to do that.

Crash Pad Jr. vault

Finally, Epic vaulted Crash Pad Jr. with the new Fortnite season. The reason why many players haven’t noticed this is because the item simply wasn’t popular. Crash Pads weren’t very popular either, but their mini versions were flat-out awful.

Interestingly, the Fortnite developer seems to be working on a new mini item to bring this season. According to leaks, Shield Bubble Jr. should arrive later on.