Simple Pokemon GO Trick Makes Shadow Mewtwo Extremely Powerful


  • Pokemon Go players should remove Frustration from Shadow Mewtwo to unlock its battle potential, as with Frustration it is noticeably weaker.
  • Elite Charged TMs won’t work, meaning a Team GO Rocket Takeover event is the ideal way to remove Frustration, so players should not miss their chance to remove the ability.
  • While purifying the Pokemon technically works, as it replaces Frustration with Return, it is worth leaving Shadow Mewtwo unpurified to maintain its attack boost.

Amid the ongoing World of Wonders: Taken Over event, a Pokemon GO player has highlighted how pivotal it is to remove the move Frustration from their Shadow Mewtwo. This simple trick is quite crucial to make Shadow Mewtwo a viable Pokemon for battles in Pokemon GO, as it is not as effective with the move in its arsenal.

Pokemon GO‘s Team GO Rocket Takeover event for the World of Wonders season has received a vitriolic response from the community. Shadow Mewtwo raid was one of the most awaited aspects of the game, but fans were extremely disappointed to learn that it was restricted to local raids. This meant that players would not be able to use Remote Raid Passes for Shadow Mewtwo, which essentially made the event inaccessible to players in less populated areas. For those who were lucky enough to catch Shadow Mewtwo, there is a subtle trick they might miss to make the Pokemon extremely powerful.


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As highlighted in a post by Reddit user MyHubbyInsisted, Shadow Mewtwo comes with the move Frustration, which is pretty much a liability to have. As such, it is important that players remove the move, as doing so ensures that Shadow Mewtwo can learn other Charged moves. With an impressive list of Charged moves such as Hyper Beam, Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Psytrike, and Focus Blast available for players, Frustration is a clear weak point that pales in comparison.

How To Make Shadow Mewtwo Forget Frustration In Pokemon GO

To give players a perspective on how inefficient Frustration is, the damage per second dealt by the attack is 5, while that of Psystrike is a whopping 39.13. In order to remove Frustration from Shadow Mewtwo players will need to use a Charged TM in Pokemon GO. However, what makes things trickier is that this is only possible during a Team GO Rocket Takeover event. If players miss out on the chance to remove the move from Shadow Mewtwo, they will be stuck with it until the next time the event takes place. It should be noted that once players get rid of Frustration using a Charged TM, they can change the move again at any time without any restrictions.

Another thing to note is that even Pokemon GO‘s Elite Charged TMs won’t be able to remove Frustration, so the Team GO Rocket Takeover event is the ideal way to get rid of the move. The only other option to eliminate Frustration is by purifying the Pokemon, which replaces the move with Return. However, considering the fact that Shadow Mewtwo gets an attack boost, it is much more viable to keep the Pokemon in its unpurified form.

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