Shower yourselves in gifts and celebrate Seven Knights Idle Adventure’s 100 Day Anniversary in style

It has been 100 days since Seven Knights Idle Adventure expanded Netmarble’s iconic franchise, and that is as good a reason as any to celebrate. Running until December 27th, players can get their hands on a bevvy of rewards for free, including seven heroes.

By simply logging in, you will notch up marks on the 100th Day Anniversary Celebration Special Check-in Event, and for seven days you will get one hero, ending up with Rudy, Dellons, Chris, Eileene, Java, Spike, and Rachel. It’s well worth whipping your phone out every 24 hours.

Level these new heroes up with the Winter Festival Carnival Event, offering plenty of upgrade materials and the Legendary Hero Wesier. If you’d rather put in no effort, then just enter code 100SEKI in the coupon menu, and you’ll be buried under 20,000 Rubies, Pet Summon Tickets, Hero Summon Tickets, Legendary Hero Summon Tickets, and a 100-Day Celebration Cake.

Two new heroes are bursting out of this cake: Xiang Yu and Diaochan. Xiang Yu is a melee hero who can increase his own attack chance, and reduce opponent evasion through critical hits, making him even likelier to hammer his target into the ground.

If you are covered in attack and need a support boost instead, then look no further than Diaochan. Her buff skill increases her and her team’s hit rates to dish out more damage, and when she lands a critical hit she will heal all allies, keeping everyone in the fight and on the offensive for longer.

Once you have shored up your squad, take them over to the Crimson Canyon and see if you can knock out this new zone. Then, see if you can make your way through the Snolled Challenger Pass to unlock the titular legendary character, capable of dealing massive AoE damage to foes.

Seven Knights Idle Adventure is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.