Showdown Kicks off New Tides of Desolation Event, Introduces New Pacts and Traits

Hunt: Showdown has kicked off its new Tides of Desolation event. The event, available until February 14, brings a paranormal fog to the game’s bayou setting. As part of the event, players can choose between three different Pacts to pledge to, unlocking new Traits in the process.

The event also brings with it a new Wildcard Condition, dubbed Ash Bloom, which involves flurries of insects and ash affecting visibility and keeping animals in the zone in a constant state of alert. Check out the Ash Bloom in action in the trailer below.

The three Pacts players can pledge to are dubbed The Demented Pact, The Drowned Pact, and The Grounded Pact. Each Pact comes with its own exclusive new Traits, like Shadow Leap, which allows Hunters to teleport directly a monster’s location, killing it instantly.

Hunt: Showdown is a competitive shooter that pits teams of Hunters against each other as they also try and track down dangerous and grotesque monsters in the area to take down. Killing the monster rewards players with bounty tokens which then have to be extracted. Players carrying bounty tokens can be killed by other players, however, and have their tokens stolen as a result.

Hunt: Showdown is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.