September 24, 2023

Starfield has a solid 17-hour storyline, not including all the side quests and extra little bits you can put yourself to work on. The team spent an enormous amount of time fleshing out the world, writing voice lines, and giving each world its own environment. They have put the work in, and it really shows. Within minutes of getting into the game, the world of Starfield feels immersive and complete. However, for the first time ever, there is a New Game+ in a Bethesda game, so should you rush the main storyline or not?

Should you rush through Starfield?

Absolutely not. Bethesda did not write exactly 252,953 lines of dialogue (I counted) for players to smash through the game as fast as possible. The game should really be taken at the leisurely, if not erratic, pace that most RPGs are played at.

While the game does feature a New Game+, this only offers a few extras you won’t get on the first playthrough. However, if you rush through the first playthrough, the changes may not mean as much to you due to key points being missed. Take your time, enjoy all the wild and twisting side missions, and progress as you see fit.

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Reasons to rush

Of course, you may want to unlock the new areas, progress your game, and rush the main storylines as quickly as possible.  Progress needs to be made to push the game forward, and start getting into the real meat of the plot, so don’t dawdle too much at the beginning. However, a lot of the best gear and adventures are hidden in plain sight behind side quests and exploration.

I find myself always getting sidetracked by side quests in Starfield, to the point that I forget there is a main storyline at all. I then return to the main quest, absolutely tanked up and insanely overpowered for whatever menial task the crew has been waiting to get on with.

Take it slow

Enjoy the meticulously put-together main quest in Starfield rather than rush it. Of course, everyone wants to know how it ends, but the New Game+ isn’t going anywhere, and it’s not like there is an online multiplayer waiting to be unlocked. Enjoy the world of Starfield, and absorb the main questline like you would a book.

It’s not about the destination, it’s about the Spacer Scum we kill along the way.

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