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So, which levels feature the Short Creepy Stories Multiplayer mode? Take a look at this guide! Plus, if you’re not too sure how to join a multiplayer lobby, you can also find the solution to that down below.

Short Creepy Stories is a terrifying Roblox game that plays a bit like a mini version of Outlast. Armed with only a flashlight and a camera, you have to try and survive in a variety of miniature horror stories. There are a ton of puzzles to solve, creepy monsters to avoid, and jumpscares to be had. If you love Roblox and horror games, you will absolutely love this one.

For more information, you can take a look at Short Creepy Stories on Roblox. We also have a Where is the Fuse in Short Creepy Stories guide and a Short Creepy Stories Dollhouse Key guide.

Short Creepy Stories Multiplayer

Does a multiplayer mode in Short Creepy Stories exist? Yes! Although, it’s only limited to certain stories in the game right now. Some players recommend playing in a team due to certain game mechanics – however, this isn’t necessary. Multiplayer lobbies are recommended when you need to strategically avoid or lure away enemies.

A playthrough can also end up being completed a lot quicker when multiple people are searching for items and such! Whether you want to play alone, with friends, or join up with some random players, let’s take a look at which game modes you can play in multiplayer mode:

Deadly Content

While you can play the Deadly Content story solo, you can also join a party of up to 4 players! When entering the room for the Deadly Content lobbies, you’ll find 3 multiplayer lobbies available and 1 solo lobby.


Similarly to Deadly Content, the Dollhouse story allows lobbies of up to 4 players! The process to join a multiplayer or solo lobby is the same. I would like to note that players who have completed the Dollhouse level recommend working together as a team when venturing through the secret maze toward the end of the story. For example, 1 or 2 players should lure away the enemies as the others try to search for the exit!

Plus, the main goal of this level is to steal items that are worth a specific amount. To speed this up, join a lobby with other people so you can all search for expensive items to get to the next step of the story!

Stairs of Horror Challenge

This one’s a little different, as it’s not a story, but a challenge! The lobby can hold up to 30 players at once. This level can be accessed in the same way as the other in-game stories. I won’t say much about this one, but the main goal is to walk up the stairs – and there are a lot of them