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Looking for a full Short Creepy Stories Homecoming walkthrough? Scroll down to find out how to complete the Homecoming level!

Short Creepy Stories is a terrifying Roblox game that plays a bit like a mini version of Outlast. Armed with only a flashlight and a camera, you have to try and survive in a variety of miniature horror stories. There are a ton of puzzles to solve, creepy monsters to avoid, and jumpscares to be had. If you love Roblox and horror games, you will absolutely love this one.

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Short Creepy Stories Homecoming Guide

Trying out the new level in Short Creepy Stories? Homecoming is the latest addition to the popular Roblox horror game, so I’m here to write a full walkthrough to help you out!

Homecoming Walkthrough

Homecoming starts off with your character wandering around an empty house. The thing is, your mum is supposed to be home, but she’s nowhere to be found. There’s a small bit of dialogue when you stand in the kitchen that goes along the lines of “She usually has dinner cooked for me at this time”. Ramping up the mystery, the house is eerily quiet as you search for her.

During this section of the level, we find out that our character is a young girl who lives alone with her mother – and it’s been 7 days since you moved to this brand-new house. The main character states that her mum has been sad lately and that she can’t remember the last time they watched TV.

You can walk upstairs and head to the door on the right by the cardboard boxes. Enter the door to find your bedroom! Interact with the desk to place your backpack down next to a sketchpad. As you walk out of your bedroom, you’ll find a door on the opposite wall by the staircase. Head into this room to find your mother’s room – it’s time to investigate! There’s a mysterious envelope under her bed, but what is it?

There’s nothing in her wooden table drawers, but by looking up you’ll spot a bookshelf with a box on one of the shelves. There are numbers from 1 to 0, as well as two square buttons – one being red, and the other green. You’ve got to work out the code to unlock it!

The Upstairs Numbers

Luckily it’s not that difficult. If you turn around to look at the left side of the room, you’ll notice a number 5 on the wall by the bed. That’s the first number, so let’s find the rest! Walk across the landing to the door next to an empty white shelving unit. This room contains a small table with a notepad – the writing says “Kettle, toilet, storage, closet, my room”.

Exit this room, and walk further down the landing to the next door. As you enter the room, turn right to find the number 5 written on the wooden table that has a mug and kettle on it.

The Downstairs Numbers

Next, head downstairs, go down the hallway, and enter the room at the end. You’ll find out that all pieces of furniture have been turned upside down and are now placed on the ceiling – weird. Instead of walking into the kitchen, turn left to find the pantry door wide open. A number 1 is written on the back wall of the pantry! Walk past the pantry until you see the 4 framed paintings on the wall of plants. Head to the wooden sliding doors at the back of the room, and open the door to find a stray cat and the number 8 written on the wall.

After you’ve found the number 8, walk back into the hallway outside the room. Head through the door on the left into the bathroom, where you’ll spot the number 9 written on the mirror above the sink.

The Correct Code Order

Now you need to make it back upstairs to the locked box. The correct code is: 59815

After you’ve inputted the correct code order, the box will unlock. Inside, you find an overdue electricity bill, a credit card bill, and multiple final notice letters. The lights will suddenly go out, and you will now be able to pick up the hidden envelope under your mother’s bed – it’s a letter from your dad. It reads “Dear Daughter, I heard you’re in trouble, I’m leaving tomorrow. I’ll come to you in a week. I want you to move in with me, your mum needs help”.