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Can’t quite find the Short Creepy Stories Dollhouse Key? Scroll down to find out how exactly you can make your exit!

Short Creepy Stories is a terrifying Roblox game that plays a bit like a mini version of Outlast. Armed with only a flashlight and a camera, you have to try and survive in a variety of miniature horror stories. There are a ton of puzzles to solve, creepy monsters to avoid, and jumpscares to be had. If you love Roblox and horror games, you will absolutely love this one.

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Short Creepy Stories Dollhouse Key Guide

This particular item has a lot of people stumped – it even took me a while to work out the solution. So, where exactly can the dollhouse key be found? And does it even exist?

Where to Find the Dollhouse Key

From the looks of it, you can actually escape from the house without a key. All you need to do is find the basement and walk along the walls until you find a ‘secret’ button. Make sure to press this button when you eventually come across it, as it’ll open a brand-new passageway via a sliding wall. As creepy as it is, you’re gonna have to walk through the tunnel that appears behind the sliding wall.

Walking through this tunnel will then lead you into an eerie maze, which you need to get out of to complete the game. While you’re wandering around, you may see or hear things, but it’s imperative to keep moving around to find the exit. At a certain point, there will be a man crawling on the floor after you. Try not to let him touch you, as this will end the game. Eventually, as you make your way through the maze, you’ll find a light source and a ladder!

Here’s a tip: if you don’t want the crawling man to follow you around, but you want to take your time finding the exit, you can lure him outside of the basement and trap him in a random room in the house. This way, you’ll be able to head back down and explore the maze without having to worry.