Share your My Singing Monsters friend code here and get your torches lit

Get keys from friends and unlock Dipsters.

My Singing Monsters is a cute music game in which you collect and breed singing monsters. Each monster features a unique sound and, with just a little effort, you can build an entire monster choir. My Singing Monsters also features a social aspect. However, to add an individual to your friends list, you’ll need their Friend code.

Friends can light each other’s wishing torches daily. Having your torches lit increases your chance of breeding special monsters. Friends can also gift each other keys, which can be used to unlock a special set of monsters called Dipsters.

How to enter a friend code in My Singing Monsters

  • To input a Friend Code, tap the Friends button located towards the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • You’ll be able to view your Friend Code here, as well as a list of all your current friends.
  • Tap Invite Friends, then tap Add via Friend Code and a text box will pop up.
  • You can then type in any Friend Code.

It’s important to note that Friend Codes for the Steam version of My Singing Monsters are not compatible with the mobile version of the game. Additionally, My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire friend codes don’t work with the original game.

List of Friend codes

My Singing Monsters Friend Codes are typically 12 characters long with ten digits followed by two uppercase letters. For instance, typing 1050691154JI into the Friend Code box will add me to your friends list. Despite the game being over ten years old, there are still a ton of active players, many of whom are actively looking to expand their friends list.

Players have taken to sharing their codes online in the hopes of expediting the process of gaining new friends. You can share your code here. Or if you want to start building your friends list ASAP, try adding these Friend Codes:

  • 1027446397NN 
  • 1047728782BI   
  • 1035315205KL 
  • 1047094562BM
  •  047630213CH 
  •  1045631466IG 
  • 1041415061IL   
  • 1045405088KA 
  • 82469971KF     
  • 88864111HH     
  • 86799927GJ     
  • 1050445247KN
  • 80861802FA     
  • 1049854711GF
  • 42405218JI       
  • 68730692KI     
  • 28554150LI       
  • 1046663168DG
  • 1013057195KF 
  • 1047826619NH
  • 1022014714JA
  • 1050627198EG
  • 1047872955GF
  • 1050207653FN

Find More Codes on Reddit

You can find tons of Friend Codes on the MSMfriendcodes Reddit page and the game’s fandom wiki. Most users sharing their codes will state that they will light one of your torches whenever you light one of theirs. Typically, these users are pretty active – most people wouldn’t bother sharing their codes otherwise – so you’re likely to get a lot of torches lit and keys by befriending them. List of friends in My Singing Monsters

Keep in mind, however, that some players will unfriend you if you don’t light their torches in return. Additionally, when sharing their code, many players will specify on which islands they need torches lit. Lighting torches on the island a player requests makes it more likely that they’ll return the favour.

Many My Singing Monster players who share their Friend Code online are dedicated players with the high levels to prove it, and it never hurts to have expert players on your list. Be sure to use the Friend Codes above to rapidly grow your friends list and get those torches lit. Feel free to share your Friend Code here and see how fast your friends list can grow.

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