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Curious about Shadovia Weapons? There are quite a few to collect in the game! But what do they all do? Well, in this guide, I’ve made sure to include their stats, additional buffs, and abilities!

Shadovia is a Roblox RPG through and through. You’ve got a variety of weapons to unlock and utilise in combat, as well as a ton of builds to experiment with. Fancy sticking to melee abilities? Sorted. Prefer to be a mage? Also sorted. Battle against challenging bosses and collect loot to progress through your adventure. Don’t forget to pick up resources along the way, which can be used to craft upgraded gear for your character!

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Shadovia Weapons Guide

Let’s take a look at all of the obtainable weapons in the RPG! Some weapons are easier to get than others, with some being craftable, and others being rare drops from boss fights. Anyway, I’ll split each weapon rarity into its own category so you can easily browse through.

  • This guide is a work in progress as I am adding weapons as I find them in-game! Make sure to bookmark this page so you can visit back regularly to learn more about every weapon in Shadovia.

Epic Weapons

  • Azure Radiance
    • Epic rarity
    • +55 Melee Power
    • -20% Attack Speed
    • Dark Damage

Mythic Weapons

  • Mushy Fists
    • Mythic rarity
    • +3 Armor Pierce
    • +60 Attack Power
    • Create a spore orb that can explode to deal damage
    • 2-handed weapon
  • Timebomb
    • Mythic rarity
    • +75 Melee Power
    • 2-handed weapon
  • Dark Scorcher
    • Mythic rarity
    • +62 Magic Power
    • -22% Attack Speed
  • Azure Spear
    • Mythic rarity
    • +70 Melee Power
    • Dark Damage

Legendary Weapons

  • Wicked Dagger
    • Legendary rarity
    • +5 Speed
    • +90 Attack Power
    • Inflicts enemy with Dark
  • Saviour Orcan’s Magical Sword
    • Legendary rarity
    • +345 Magic Power

Ultimate Weapons

  • Katana of the Divine
    • Ultimate rarity
    • +75% Attack Speed
    • +312 Attack Power
    • Deals Divine Swords when an enemy is hit
  • Irridance
    • Ultimate rarity
    • +351 Melee Power
    • Spectral Path ability
      • Forms a path of terrain that deals damage to enemies
      • Increases your own speed if you walk along the terrain

Transcendent Weapons

  • Reaper Scythe
    • Transcendent rarity
    • +345 Attack Power
    • Vermillion Scythe ability
      • Unleashes a large scythe that performs Lifesteal