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Need to learn more about how Shadovia Fuses work? They’re a little tricky to get your head around at first, but it’s well worth knowing about them if you want to upgrade your weapons!

Shadovia is a Roblox RPG through and through. You’ve got a variety of weapons to unlock and utilise in combat, as well as a ton of builds to experiment with. Fancy sticking to melee abilities? Sorted. Prefer to be a mage? Also sorted. Battle against challenging bosses and collect loot to progress through your adventure. Don’t forget to pick up resources along the way, which can be used to craft upgraded gear for your character!

For more information about Shadovia, you can visit the game’s official Roblox page – check out our Shadovia Codes, a Shadovia Divine Katana guide, and our Shadovia Weapons too! If you’re a fan of Roblox RPGs, we’ve got a ton of guides for you.

Shadovia Fuses Guide

So, what exactly are fuses? It’s important to know how they work as they’re one of the most important features in Shadovia. If you want an upgraded weapon, you’re gonna need to know how to fuse! Combining weapons makes them more powerful, and who wouldn’t want that?

However, certain weapons can be created by being strict with the weapons you combine. Keep in mind that not all fusions come out the same, so it’s best to experiment a few times!

All Fuses So Far

Need a refresher on the different fuses that can be done in-game? Every fuse is in the list below! New fuses will also be added over time as they appear in Shadovia.

  • Bloodletter Orb / Sealed Brandish + A random Epic = Chroma Tome
  • Smithy Hammer + Desert Halberd (can be dropped by Azurewrath’s Disciple) = Bloodletter Orb
  • 2 Golden Glades = Starvants Lightning / 5* Chaingun
  • Sheriffs Shooter + Flatty Blade = Goo Sword
  • 2 Starvants Lightning = Ying and Yang
  • D. CANE + Nerfertls Harbinger = Scorcher
  • Goo Sword + Keybrand = Sealed Brandish / Bloodletter Orb
  • 2 Nerferls Harbinger = Timebomb / Flaim Blunderbuss / Scorcher
  • D. CANE + Wand of Cactology = Mystic Fists / Fists of Tree Wisdom / Endymion Daggers
  • Zombie Staff + Nerfertls Harbinger = Twin Kunais / Stone Cleave / Cumulus Staff
  • Superball + Bloodletter Orb = Blink Orb
  • Scorcher (Must be level 10) + Nerfertls Harbinger = Mystic Fists / Superball / Sledgehammer
  • Legendary Weapon (Must be level 10) + Blink Orb = Irradiance + Starvants Lightning (5*) + Ying and Yang
  • 2 Undead Fist = Warewolf Claws / Javelin / Bloodletter Orb
  • Ying and Yang + Nerferls Harbinger = Starvants Lightning / Irradiance / Shiny Chaingun
  • Blink Orb + Nerferls Harbinger = Ying and Yang / Starvants Lightning / Irradiance
  • 2 Chroma Tomes  = Superball / Time Bomb
  • Charons Tome + Nerfertls Harbinger = Sledgehammer / Wand of Cactology / Superball
  • Superball + Zombie Staff = Mushy Fists / Brain Staff / Triple Barreled Shoote