SEX FILES: Sun, sand and sex: a remedy for a broken heart

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To say 2023 was a roller coaster is an understatement. In May, I lost my father and shortly thereafter, the relationship that I thought was “the one” ended suddenly and brutally. A broken heart paired with the unrelenting grey of autumn has left me feeling like I’ve lost my mojo.

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If you’ve been reading this column for a while, you know that I’m a big fan of sexy, clothing optional travel. Over the past six years I’ve travelled to a handful of adult themed resorts and each time I’ve come back with a greater appreciation and understanding of my body and desires. So, when the opportunity presented itself to visit Temptation Miches Resort Punta Cana – a brand new adults-only, topless optional resort in the Dominican Republic – I jumped at the chance.

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Located along a serene stretch of white sand beach, about an hour from the Punta Cana airport, Temptation Miches Resort is the latest edition to the Original Group family of resorts, which includes Temptation and Desire properties that I’ve previously visited (and loved). Would Temptation Miches Resort live up to my expectations? I was both excited and nervous to find out.

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Although part of me was doubtful that a few days sans bikini top would shake me out of my funk, when I arrived at the resort – sweaty and frazzled from a long flight — and opened my curtains to lush jungle and palm trees gently swaying in the breeze, I knew I’d made the right decision.

When people ask me what it’s like to visit a Temptation Resort, I always say that it’s like stepping into an alternate reality – one where everything is candy-hued (the decor of Temptation Miches Resort looks like it was designed by the Jolly Rancher himself), the drinks are free-flowing, “clothing” is a loose concept and the party never stops.

My first night at Temptation Miches Resort, I donned a slinky black dress and headed to “Angels and Devils” night — one of the daily theme parties. Nursing a cocktail, I watched as a buff male dancer agressively gyrated onstage to a Weeknd song. Next, a Madonna impersonator took the mic and launched into a sexy rendition of “Like a Prayer.” Later, I noticed a couple in head-to-toe lingerie (the man wore white mesh boxers covered in red hearts) dancing with abandon while a gentleman in a black gimp suit (in the tropics, no less!) watched with interest. It was exactly the kind of sex-fuelled absurdity I’ve come to expect from a resort that touts itself as a “playground for adults.”

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With that said, Temptation Miches Resort is far from a carbon copy of its sister property in Cancun. Instead, it feels more like a free-spirited fraternal twin that’s still finding its identity. Bikini tops are optional, but many people still choose to wear them – a selling point for those of us who are still regaining body confidence post-COVID. And while the music is perennially loud, the atmosphere is laid-back – almost to a fault.

There’s poolside yoga but no one seems to know when it takes place. If you order a mojito, your server may just bring you a pina colada instead. None of it makes sense and no one really cares. The pina coladas keep flowing regardless.

For couples who want a spicier experience, nextdoor is Desire Miches, a couples only resort that offers clothing optional areas, including (what I can only assume) is the world’s largest jacuzzi and a “playroom” where lovers can indulge their fantasies while adult movies play on an endless loop. Curious, I went to investigate.

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Within minutes of arriving on property, I saw a woman orally pleasure her husband while a pool of nude vacationers cheered her on. If Temptation is an alternate reality, Desire is a different dimension – one where inhibitions don’t exist.

As afternoon bled into evening, I, too, felt more comfortable. I danced. I laughed. I flirted.

Somewhere between the antics at the pool, eating my body weight in plantains at the buffet and watching another performance from the Madonna impersonator, I realized I felt lighter than I had in months. My grief was still there, but the pain from my breakup no longer felt oppressive. I had pep in my step and I wasn’t thinking about my ex – at all.

As “Madonna” wrapped up her set, I slipped away to the jacuzzi, shed my dress and climbed in.

My night ended in the darkest corner of the playroom, my naked limbs entwined with those of my new friends. I won’t kiss and tell, but underwear was lost, pleasure was had and it was exactly what I needed.

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