Seven Knights Idle Adventure to introduce four new heroes

  • The heroes include Lee Jung, a defensive hero and Raksasha, a ranged hero
  • The update will also introduce a Lunar New Year event
  • New stages for the Tower of Infinity will also be added

Netmarble announced a new update for Seven Knights Idle Adventure that introduces not just one or two, but four new legendary heroes to the game. Coming hot on their heels are new stages for the Tower of Infinity, a Lunar New Year event and a Valentine’s Day-themed event!

The successor to their original Seven Knights games, Seven Knights Idle Adventure is Netmarble’s own stylised and compact take on the idle genre. You can collect a huge variety of heroes, including returning favourites for avid Seven Knights fans.

Dial H for heroes

The heroes introduced are Raksasha, a hero who fights at range and boosts the critical hit chance of defensive allies, Lee Jung, a defensive hero who can taunt to gain a shield the same value as his maximum health, Xiao, who draws opponents toward her to close the distance and finally Medea, who can buff her allies when fighting the Nightmare Boss Monster.

During the events, you’ll have a higher chance to earn both Xiao and Raksasha as your newest heroes, and with the addition of the Nightmare Stage mode for end-game completionists, you’ll get the chance to earn Medea and Elixirs as an exclusive reward.


As we mentioned, this update also introduces the Lunar New Year check-in event, where players can earn a Lucky Pouch after logging in for seven consecutive days. You’ll also receive a Seven Knights hero selection ticket, and the pouch can be redeemed to get you the New Year Money, Dungeon Entry Tickets and the Rice Cake Soup Dish items.

Finally, there’s the Valentine’s Day event, and for this, you’ll get the chance to earn another legendary hero, Bathory, during it! Not to mention the addition of stages 9,601 through 10,400, the expansion of the Tower of Infinity to the 1000th floor and a new level 10 dungeon, Fang of Glacier.

And that’s everything new! But if you want to know more about Seven Knights Idle Adventure why not check out our guide for new players and our list of gift codes (constantly updated) in order to get a head-start?