Seven Knights Idle Adventure tier list – The esteemed Hall of Heroes


S Tier – Harbingers of Superiority

No matter the ordeal, no matter the magnitude, you can trust these seasoned heroes to thrive well in the story and competitive content. They blow everyone out of the water.

Defense Type
Melee Type Supporter Type Ranged Type
Lucrezia Ryan Roro Kyrielle
Weiser Ace Noho Isabella
Knox Rachel Yuri Meg
Jave Velika
Misha Tara
Harmal Kagura

For melee characters. There is no shortage of the finest heroes. Particular highlights here are Ryan and the newcomer Ace, with both capable of wiping the floor with a high base damage percentage on their third skill. Jave is a mix of tank and support in terms of attack speed. Rachel ups the team’s crit chance and scorches enemies with a burn. Misha blocks off healing while Harmal is tough as nails for a melee attacker. Misha is the melee equivalent of Velika with the capability of inflicting poison while foregoing critical damage.

For the team’s meat shield, Knox stands out as one of the best Unique-tier characters in the game thanks to his “Immortal” buff, quite an annoying mechanic in Infinite Tower but a boon if it’s on your side. His rarity allows for ease of acquisition and can still function extremely robustly as a defender into the late game. On the higher end, Lucrezia and Weiser are fantastic options, the former possessing a Damage Nullifying buff and the latter a stronger Immortal buff, both capable of dishing out heavy blows.

For ranged, Meg takes the cake with strong base AoE skills plus damage and a suite of debuffs like bind and stun. Kyrielle is the fastest gun in the West, while Velika lays a 10-second curse on enemies barring them from healing, plus the Tense debuff that resets the boss animation cycle cements her placement in the highest tier as she is well suited to stages dominated by boss-type enemies.

For utility, Roro’s ability to nullify buffs makes her handy in competitive content. Yuri is also a strong contender in Infinite Tower where her Flame Orb resets all the fancy buffs an enemy possesses. In addition, as countenance to opponents abusing the immortality buff, the budget-friendly Yuri is indispensable in PvP and tower modes. Kagura, the newcomer, boasts strong knockback that pushes back enemies relying on brawn, thus exposing the soft-bellied ranged characters in danger.


A+ Tier – Ass-kicking Retainers

It’s A, with a plus. Strong heroes in all respects. They contain some attributes that put them on par with the pantheon of S ranks.

Defense Type
Melee Type Supporter Type Ranged Type
Mirage Ingrid Clemyth Sebastian
Rudy Eileen Alice Orkah
Halo Chloe Sylvia
Howl Ariel

Mirage relies on high evasion to function well as a tank, befitting her namesake. For those in favour of attrition, Rudy is a capable self-sustaining tank that often sees use in conjunction with either Mirage or Knox. Another oddball is Sylvia, she’s a hybrid of ranged attacker and tank, thanks to her utility of immortality and taunt gimmick. She’s good at luring the enemy to get flanked by your teammates on all sides.

For ranged dominance, both Sebastian and Orkah are ideal for emancipating bosses in the mainline stages, with Sebastian bringing damage while Orkah boasts speedy attacks. Ariel also comes into the picture with her Tense debuff commonly used alongside Velika, providing extra utility of buff removal.

For melee attackers, Ingrid and Halo both lower the enemy’s defense to make it easier to tear foes asunder while packing a punch in return. Eileen sports Amazonian strength that can inflict paralysis on a three-metre semicircle radius. At the same time, she raises an ally’s critical hit chance at random.

For support, Clemyth provides a cooldown to hasten the cycle of skill usage among your team. Howl is also another epic unit that’s worth considering due to the party-wide buff it provides that scales with its potential level at a relatively low investment. Lania confers a slew of wonderful immunity buffs while also slowing enemies down by one-tenth of their speed. Alice messes with the enemy’s accuracy while upping critical hit chances to ranged heroes. Chloe does the same except messing with the enemy’s evasion. That goes without saying that they form a remarkable combo together.