Seven Knights Idle Adventure adds new legendary hero, Klahan, and more in new update

  • Seven Knights Idle Adventure is the idle-RPG spin-off to the hit game series
  • This new update adds the legendary hero Klahan and more
  • You’ll also be able to enjoy upcoming events and rewards

Seven Knights Idle Adventure, the spin-off to the hit RPG series, is getting a new update featuring a fresh legendary hero and more. The new legendary hero, Klahan, is a melee-focused character who boosts both his own attack damage and that of his party when he successfully lands hits. With abilities like this, he promises to be a capable frontline addition to your party.

Meanwhile, in the rest of the update, you can expect the addition of stages 12,801 to 13,600, a new Challenger Pass for the character Asura, available through April 17th. Finally, there’s the Special Dungeon Boss Sandworm, available through April 10th for even greater challenges.

Event Horizon

But that’s not all, because you can also enjoy a new mini-game at Alice’s Dessert Shop, seeking out hidden baked goods; naturally, for rewards that can be spent at the shop. The Spring Cherry Blossom Check-In Event offers Dungeon Entry Tickets, Hero EXP, and Gold Coins when you log into Seven Knights Idle Adventure. Both of these events are running through to April 17th as well, meaning this coming weekend and week are sure to be packed for players.

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