Seven Knights 2 rings in the holiday with new Legendary+ Wolf of the North Sea Drake

Netmarble has released a new update for its mobile RPG Seven Knights 2 that includes new costumes, accessories and events. Most notably, the update introduces a new Legendary+ hero,
the Wolf of the North Sea Drake.

Seven Knights 2 is the official sequel to Seven Knights and takes place 20 years after the events of the first game. The game, which features open-world exploration, follows the tale of a group of Daybreak Mercenaries searching for Rudy, the last of the Seven Knights. You’ll collect and upgrade heroes as you battle enemies.

Wolf of the North Sea Drake is a Ranged-type hero who can bolster the offensive abilities of his allies and bestow buffs to Ranged allies. As Wolf of the North Sea Drake, you can also disrupt enemy attacks and deal area-of-effect damage.

The holiday update also brings the new Noble Antique Yeonhee, an elegant blue and white robe, to the game. Additionally, the Hero’s Vow Accessory Evan’s Necklace has been revamped. You’ll now recover more HP when hit and routinely cast Debuff Immunity while wearing the necklace.

Several events are currently taking place within the game. Log in for ten days during the December of Festivals Season 2 event for a chance to earn Winter Holiday Gift Chests, Rubies and Upgrade Dungeon Ticket Chests among other rewards.

You can complete missions during the Special mission’s event to gain Winter Holiday Coins. Seven Knights 2 is also currently hosting the December of Festivals! Winter Holiday Shop, where you can exchange your Winter Holiday Coins for items such as a Winter Holiday Gift Chest, a Mythic Armor Selection Chest, and an Unsealed Accessory Crafting Material Selection Box.

Seven Knights 2 is available via the App Store and Google Play. A Windows PC version is currently in beta. Follow the game on YouTube or Facebook for all the latest Seven Knights 2 news.