Settlers-Like Pioneers of Pagonia Hits 100k Sales in a Week

Cozy indie city-builder Pioneers of Pagonia has hit a major sales milestone within its first week on release, developer and publisher Envision Entertainment has announced.

According to a new Steam blog post, Pioneers of Pagonia sales managed to cross the 100,000 mark within seven days of the game’s release into Early Access.

Envision thanks players who bought the game and describes itself as “overjoyed” to reach this milestone. The studio further looks forward to starting the new year “with the same spirit”.

Pioneers of Pagonia is off to a strong start.

To close out the blog post, Envision promises “more great things to come” for Pioneers of Pagonia, so you can likely expect regular updates for the city-builder throughout 2024.

If you’re not up to speed with Pioneers of Pagonia, it’s the newest project from Settlers creator Volker Wertich, which is why you’re probably getting Settlers vibes from the game.

The game is built around Wertich’s notion of “Wuselfaktor”, which, loosely translated from German, means “hustle and bustle factor”.

It’s this Wuselfaktor that gives The Settlers its feeling of constant motion, and it seems that Pioneers of Pagonia has successfully adopted this philosophy as well, if its sales are anything to go by.

Villagers taking items to and from a mill in Pioneers of Pagonia
Pioneers of Pagonia will probably look familiar if you’re a Settlers fan.

Pioneers of Pagonia will, ironically enough, find itself in competition with none other than The Settlers, which still exists despite Wertich not being involved.

Earlier this year, Ubisoft released the long-awaited The Settlers: New Allies, a reboot of the series that was originally set to launch in 2020 before being delayed.

The game received mixed reviews upon release, so if you’re looking for a Settlers-style city-builder, it looks like you’re in safer hands with Pioneers of Pagonia, even if it is currently in Early Access.

You can grab Pioneers of Pagonia right now on PC via Steam. Stay tuned for more news on where this promising-looking city-builder heads next.