Serve Sushi for Dinner With Super Sushi Roll, a Tasty New 2D Platformer – Gamezebo

Get ready to roll into the tastiest adventure of your gaming life with Super Sushi Roll! This 2D extravaganza is not your average stroll through the park; it’s a culinary platformer that’ll have you craving sushi and challenging your gaming skills simultaneously.

Ready for the roll of a lifetime? Super Sushi Roll is up for grabs on Steam. Don’t let this chance slip away – dive into a world where the best sushi meets the world of gaming!

Rolling into the Adventure

Imagine this: you’re the master of a pair of chopsticks, on a mission to guide your precious sushi to the ultimate goal. Sounds like a piece of cake, huh? Well, this game is like a sushi obstacle course on steroids. Four distinct areas, each with its own flavor – literally. Brace yourself for a feast for the eyes, ears, and taste buds.

Roll, bounce, slide – the physics of sushi maneuvering are in your hands. But beware, time is of the essence. Your sushi’s freshness is on the line, and no one wants stale sushi. Fear not, though; unlock new rolls with unique abilities to keep the game spicy.

Feeling like a collector? Search for hidden goodies in each level. From sushi ingredients to decadent desserts and golden chopsticks – gather them all for a buffet of rewards. Concept art, soundtracks, and achievements are just waiting for you to snatch them up.

Modes for Every Mood

Choose your adventure with different game modes. Classic for the time-crunched daredevils, Training for those who want to savor every sushi moment, Buffet Challenge for the relentless, and Dessert Challenge for the sweet toothed heroes.

Super Sushi Roll isn’t just for gamers; it’s a love letter to sushi aficionados. With its delightful art style, catchy tunes, and a dash of humor, this game is a flavorful experience. And the replay value? Oh, it’s off the charts. Beat your own records, collect everything, and conquer those achievements.

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