September 24, 2023

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Tucked away under the locked shed in Lucent is a clandestine entertainment venue where you can join a quiz show centered around Sea of Stars. Dive into this engaging game, and you have the opportunity to secure a treasure trove of rewards, including Gems. While some questions may surprise you, fear not! We’re here to guide you, ensuring you nail every answer, even without Teak’s assistance!

Here’s a guide to all the answers for Question Pack 2 in Sea of Stars. These focus on Wraith Island, Garl, and the Necromancer!

All Answers to Question Pack 2 in Sea of Stars

The Quiz Master is ready with a range of questions, split into two levels: casual and expert. The expert level simply offers more trivia questions than the casual one. Both levels come with rewards for every correct pack. There are 11 question packs to find on your journey, so here are the answers to Question Pack 2 in Sea of Stars.

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Question Answer
In the Stonemasons Outpost, the Molekin are taking care of the wind tunnels so that they keep on fulfilling which function? Play music
Yolande, Valtraid, and Keenathan are part of a pirate crew led by whom? Captain Klee’shae
Of these establishments, which one is NOT found on Sleeper Island? The First Stage of Grief
What name did Malkomud give his pet salamander? Rockie
What is the name of the enchanted currency that can control the undead? Coin of Undeath Accord
What is the name of the raft the pirate crew used to sail across the Shallowmire? The Oakum Skiff
Of these enemies, which one is NOT present in the Moorlands? Drillbat
How many red berries are required to make one portion of Berry Jam? 5
True or False: Those traveling by yeet ball land on Sleeper Island after being caught by X’tol. True
True or False: The Molekin from Stonemason’s Outpost are descended from a long line of elemental mages. True

Where to Find Question Pack 3 in Sea of Stars?

Sea Of Stars Question Pack 3 Location In Library
Screenshot: Try Hard Guides

To find Question Pack 3 in Sea of Stars, you need to be on Wraith Island, more specifically, the Haunted Mansion of the Dweller of Woe. Soon enough, you’ll enter a library in the mansion, and the bookshelf on the left just above the table you can interact with to get Question Pack 3.

And there you have it, all the Question Pack 2 answers, and where to find Question Pack 3 in Sea of Stars. If you help with other question packs in Sea of Stars, we’ve got you covered!

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