Sea of Stars Player Count Passes 4 Million, Sabotage Studio Reveals

Sea of Stars developer Sabotage Studio has revealed that the game has reached a pretty impressive player count milestone just four months after it launched.

According to an official Sabotage blog post, Sea of Stars has crossed four million players since it was released for PC and consoles back in August.

This news comes after the RPG managed to amass 100,000 sales within its first day on launch. That figure didn’t count Game Pass and PlayStation Plus players, however, and the new four-million-player-count figure does.

Chrono Trigger-inspired RPG Sea of Stars has reached a fair few players, it turns out.

Sea of Stars picked up the coveted Best Independent Game award at this year’s Game Awards ceremony, where other winners included Baldur’s Gate 3The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and Hi-Fi Rush.

Sabotage co-founder Thierry Boulanger describes Sea of Stars as “the game of [his] dreams” and says he and his studio “cannot thank you enough” for supporting them by playing the game.

If you’ve missed out on Sea of Stars, it’s an indie RPG strongly inspired by classic JRPGs including Chrono Trigger and Golden Sun.

The game follows Valere and Zael, two magic-using warriors who must do battle with the evil Fleshmancer and his alchemical creations. It utilizes turn-based combat with elements of rhythm-action games, in a similar vein to the Paper Mario series.

Valere leaping across a chasm using a rope in Sea of Stars
Sea of Stars has a followup DLC on the way too.

The game’s first major DLC, Throes of the Watchmaker, is on its way sometime soon, although we don’t have a release date for it yet.

In addition, during a recent Q&A livestream, Boulanger teased the possibility of a second “theoretical” DLC, tentatively titled Shades of Kunus’nuku

Whether this DLC sees the light of day will, however, depend on whether Sea of Stars feels finished without it, according to Boulanger and Sabotage. We’ll have to wait and see whether it materializes.

In the meantime, Sea of Stars is available right now on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. You can read our very own Tanushri Shah’s review of the game right here.