September 28, 2023

Sea of Stars game director Thierry Boulanger has revealed that the studio is currently working on a DLC for the recently-released JRPG. Speaking on Radio Canada, Boulanger stated that the studio has been split into two groups—one working on a new project, and the other, smaller team figuring out DLC for Sea of Stars, according to GamesRadar.

While Boulanger’s words are reassuring to fans of Sea of Stars, the studio had previously revealed that it would be making DLC for the game as one of its Kickstarter goals while the title was still undergoing crowdfunding back in 2020. According to an old update on the Kickstarter page for Sea of Stars, the studio has titled the DLC Throes of the Watchmaker.

Since its release at the end of August, Sea of Stars has seen quite a bit of success, having sold 100,000 copies on day one. The game has also seen its fair share of ciritical success, sitting at an average rating of 89 on OpenCritic.

Sea of Stars is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. The game has also been verified for the Steam Deck.

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