Scholar class launches in Black Desert Mobile ahead of Land of the Morning Light: Seoul expansion.

Manipulate gravity and wield twin hammers as a Scholar.

Game developer Pearl Abyss has announced several updates for its mobile RPG Black Desert Mobile, including a new class and expansion. The Scholar is Black Desert Mobile’s 27th class and is now available in-game.

Scholars can control gravity and wield twin hammers in battle. Further, while playing as a Scholar, you can access a secondary set of skills through ascension. This secondary set of skills allows you to wield the sledgehammer, which combines the Scholar’s twin hammers.

A new scholar-exclusive costume is also available in-game. The Magnum Opus costume takes inspiration from Renaissance scholars. The Magnum Opus is designed to bring out your Scholar’s geeky side, featuring the eye and light symbols that signify the Scholar’s brilliance.

Black Desert Mobile is also gearing up for the Winter Season, during which you’ll be able to speed up growth for seasonal characters. Additionally, for completing the season, you’ll obtain the Brilliant Crystal Chest, inside of which you’ll find a max stat Dimensional Crystal and a max stat Ah’krad Crystal.

An update to the Great Desert will launch on January 2nd, as will improvements to Black Spirit Mode. Succession skills will be added to Black Spirit mode and there will be new market items for you to buy. Scheduled to launch on January 30th, the Land of the Morning Light: Seoul expansion is a sequel to last year’s Land of the Morning Light. The new expansion will take you to medieval Seoul, where you can explore real-life landmarks from the Joseon Dynasty.

The Land of the Morning Light: Seoul includes eight new bosses for you to defeat, based on Korean folklore. You’ll be able to attack these mythical bosses with a group of your guild members rather than having to take them on one-on-one. The upcoming expansion will also add a new swordman class, which will wield a sword and a traditional Korean smoking pipe called a Gombangdae.