Sand Land Uniride Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Awesome Vehicular Combat

Bandai Namco has released a new Sand Land gameplay trailer that focuses on the small and nimble-looking Uniride vehicle.

The studio says the Uniride’s purpose is to sit somewhere “between a car and a motorcycle”; it’s a speedy but lightweight way to move around Sand Land‘s vast world.

The Uniride looks like a fun way to move around in Sand Land.

In the trailer, we get to see the Uniride’s maneuverability in action, as well as its range of weaponry, which will come in handy when battling the enemies of Sand Land.

Weapons you’ll have access to on the Uniride include a standard machine gun with a rapid fire rate, as well as a missile pod to take down more troublesome enemies.

The trailer also shows Beelzebub firing a smoke grenade to distract enemies before repositioning and lifting the Uniride into the air slightly to get a better shot at some flying enemies.

If you’re not familiar with Sand Land, it’s an upcoming action-RPG based on a manga written by Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama.

As you might expect, Sand Land features Toriyama-san’s distinctive art style, but it also has shades of Western media like Mad Max

The game’s story will revolve around main character and “Fiend Prince” Beelzebub, who must lead a cast of “heroic misfits” across the desert in order to search for the Legendary Spring.

To achieve this goal, you’ll take part in combat and exploration that revolve around vehicles, which you can unlock, customize, and trick out to your heart’s content.

Despite being a Japanese production, Sand Land will feature a full cast of English voice actors, including Keith Silverstein, Risa Mei, and Shawn Smith.

Sand Land is due to arrive at some point in the future on PC, PlayStation consoles, and Xbox Series X|S. We don’t have a release date just yet, so stay tuned for more on this one.