Rush Royale now has a whopping 100,000 users in South Korea thanks to a star-power push

  • A new publicity campaign gave Rush Royale a major boost
  • Featuring top Korean stars, the campaign pushed the game to over 100k players
  • It’s a remarkable achievement in a competitive market for mobile

My.Games’ Rush Royale has hit a massive milestone, and in a pretty unique market too. Yes, as it turns out Rush Royale is massively popular in South Korea as it hit a new peak of over 100,000 players. Given how competitive the Korean mobile gaming market is – with titles from all over the world being released there – it’s a pretty significant achievement.

My.Games credits their latest success to a massive new marketing campaign called ‘Defending requires Strategy’, featuring famous Korean comedian Ko Kyu-Pil and Squid Game actor Heo Sung-Tae, who is now a renowned actor thanks to the boost from the iconic series. The series of ads features everything from the two butting heads when one tries to get into a nightclub, to parodying Korean historical dramas. When we covered in it back in February even we couldn’t have guessed the kind of push it would give My.Games’ tower-defence title.

Big stars give Rush a boost

While it can be pretty hard to understand the appeal of trailers like the above, South Korea has a vast film industry and an even bigger number of stars. Remember, this is the country that produced K-pop, and we don’t need to tell you how popular BTS are and how many games they’ve had themed after them. It’s also a major accomplishment for Rush Royale, as while it’s still got a ways to go before competing with heavyweights in the genre, the mix of PvP and tower defence is one that’s clearly got widespread appeal.

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