October 3, 2023

Need a quick guide on Rune Factory 3 Bachelorettes? We have you covered! With a list of all the bachelorettes as well as some information on them, you’ll be able to find your soul-mate in no time. Rune Factory is set in a fantasy town, about a young adventurer with a monstrous secret in Rune Factory 3. Y

ou step into the shoes of Micah – a young man who has the ability to transform into a sheep-like monster…. but also has amnesia. Help him as he searches for ways to allow humans and monsters to coexist. The game has great combat, and you can master different weapons such as swords, hammers, spears, and even magic. By recruiting other people and monsters in the town, you can go together to explore dungeons.

If you want to play for yourself, you can download here on the Nintendo eShop. If fantasy games are your thing, check out our guide on Genshin Impact Tier List.

Rune Factory 3 Bachelorettes

By marrying someone in the game, you will be able to take them on adventures with you. Before you can marry anyone, you need to learn about them through daily conversations and quests. When you’re ready, pop the question!


She’s a devoted angler who helps in her brother’s fishing resort. She has a lot of energy, so will always keep you on your toes!


She works at her family’s diner with her Father Blaise and brother Rusk. She loves cooking and eating, and is training to become a chef. In her spare time, she loves spending time with friends.


An artist with a fascination with rainbows – she’s always on the lookout for her next rainbow inspiritation.


She’s a clerk at a general store… and she hates it. Well, she hates everything… apart from sleeping.


She’s the elder of a monster settlement and a surviving member of the oe-horned univir people.


She is an apprentice witch and apprentice doctor. She’s always willing to put herself at risk…. as well as others. She’s researching how to combine both practices together.


A mermaid! Maybe go for her if you’re vegetarian…. I wouldn’t be eating fish in front of her.


She keeps to herself however is very considerate of others. If she’ll trust you enough, she may start to open up…


The innkeeper’s daughter. She loves travelling, and also runs a shop where she sells different items that monsters have dropped.


She is in charge of caring for the flower field in Privera forest. She loves flowers and is kind to everyone she meets.


A hard one to read…. she will always say the opposite of what she means. She had a wealthy up-bringing, but is very down to earth.

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