Rockstar’s Hack Allegedly Had Highly Demanded Potential Releases

The data breach this week at Rockstar Games may have had details of several intriguing projects, some long-rumored and others entirely new. These claims are mostly speculation but allegedly coincide with some things shared during the leak. If true, they are amazing glimpses into what might have been or still could be, in the pipeline for the prolific studio.

Part of the GTA V breach included one of the most hoped-for sequels, Bully 2. (Thanks, TheGamer) This would be the long-awaited sequel to the beloved 2006 open-world title. Concept art dated 2017 reportedly appears in the leak, suggesting that development progressed further than previously believed before the project was shelved. This aligns with earlier rumors of a late-2000s attempt at Bully 2.

Another intriguing find is Agent, a project first announced in 2009 as the potential start of a new Rockstar franchise. The leak, if true, reveals assets like character models and level renders, confirming Agent’s existence beyond its initial announcement. While officially uncancelled, Rockstar’s 2018 trademark lapse hinted at its uncertain fate. The leak’s contents, if accurate, paint a clearer picture of Agent’s potential, leaving fans to wonder what might have been.

Whispers of a Tokyo-based Grand Theft Auto entry also swirled around the leak, but these remain unsubstantiated. While intriguing, a screenshot showcasing “Tokyo”-labeled files lacks concrete GTA branding and could potentially relate to the Midnight Club series, which ventured to Tokyo and saw releases on the PS2.

While the Rockstar leak’s authenticity is still up in the air, it undoubtedly sparks excitement and speculation. The potential return of Bully 2 and the resurrection of Agent, alongside the tantalizing hints of what could have been with a Tokyo-set GTA, paint a fascinating picture of alternate realities in Rockstar’s development history.

We’ll have to wait and see if these leaked fragments evolve into concrete projects. However, it might not be long since Rockstar has to acknowledge some part of this new GTAV leak.