Roblox Has Over 70 Million Daily Users According to Year in Review

Roblox, the platform reimagining how people connect through 3D experiences, capped off a monumental 2023 with a staggering user base, boasting over 70.2 million daily active users in Q3 alone. This represents a 20% increase year-over-year, showcasing the platform’s continued explosive growth and solidifying its position as a top destination for entertainment and creation.

But the numbers tell only part of the story. Roblox CEO David Baszucki recently published a comprehensive Year in Review, brimming with details about the platform’s advancements and ambitions for the future. Roblox is pushing itself way further with time. Communication became way more personal, with features like Chat with Voice, facial animation, and even custom names for older users.

Tools for creating and customizing avatars are expanding. I know most people are used to the classic avatars, but it can be far more detailed. The platform itself is also growing, with new territories like Meta Quest and PlayStation welcoming millions more users to the Roblox experience.

Then there’s the creator community that keeps expanding. New programs like the Creator Roadmap and initiatives like the Roblox Assistant AI are designed to empower creators and make development more accessible. The marketplace, with avatar items and accessories, makes it much easier to customize your avatar and make games. I’ve bought items here and love having my avatar look like Goku.

What’s interesting is that Baszucki highlighted Roblox’s venture into the realm of education. The Roblox Community Fund supports the development of educational experiences like Robot Champions from FIRST Robotics. I didn’t know about this, but it is smart for Roblox to hit education like Minecraft often does.

Baszucki wrote about the potential of AI and how the company was doubling down on it. This was both for assisting creators and enhancing moderation. AI is something I’ve seen Roblox push, but most companies that want to delve into this don’t talk very much about it. I imagine AI will be big for Roblox in the coming years, and this is just one of the first mentions.