Roblox: Dragon Race codes (January 2024)

You can get a lot of interesting pets and more than a few Win Potions when you redeem some of the Dragon Race codes from this list.

Updated on January 21, 2024 – Checked for new codes

Dragon Race is a clicker-style game where you build up power, through clicking, before riding a dragon straight on a path and entering gates! This giant race is one that is done on a dragon, allowing you to click to build up your speed before blasting off through the world. A bar at the bottom of the screen shows you where you are in the race, along with other players’ positions.

Active codes for Dragon Race

  • bluetubealien – BlueTubeAlien Pet
  • codedog – CodeDog Pet
  • codekitty – CodeKitty Pet
  • codehydra – CodeHydra Pet
  • YTCA1234 – uTube Drake Pet
  • YT1234 – uTube Alien Pet
  • newskin4 – Mango Dragon pet
  • hugeupdate2 – 1 Win Potion
  • newpet2290 – Utube Broli Pet
  • oppet891 – Utube Boku Pet
  • magicupdate – 1 Win Potion
  • magicupdatex – 1 Win Potion
  • neww2 – 1 Win Potion
  • Y125911 – Utube Dragons Pet
  • YTME1456 – Utube Bunny Pet
  • YTMR289 – Utube Dragon Pet
  • release – Happy Red Dragon Pet

Expired codes

  • 4894165 – Mega Alien Pet
  • toilet2112 – 1 Win Potion
  • ytcode1 – 1 Per Second Potion

How to redeem Dragon Race codes

Dragon Race redeem codes screen

There are two places that you can redeem codes from, both located on the left-hand side of the screen. Both are marked as CODES, with one showing a YouTube logo and the other a Twitter symbol. We have compiled a list of codes for both code redeem sections, to help you gain more creatures to ride! It’s worth noting that you can currently redeem these codes from either code section, and they will work exactly the same.

Where can I find more codes for Dragon Race?

Dragon Race is known to primarily give out codes on Twitter, where they tend to create new codes when the game hits a milestone or when there is a big update that they want to highlight. As the new YouTube code area has been made, they have been giving out codes through influencers on YouTube, creating pets that have to do with the specific YouTuber’s brand. You can often find these YouTube videos shared on Twitter, so that’s the best place to look in our opinion.

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Original article by Jupiter Hadley, updated by Sumant Meena