December 4, 2023

Roblox Anime Adventures has released its Halloween 2023 update, which introduces a host of new features. Central to the update is a new game mode titled “Nightmare Hunt,” where players engage in combat against an undead army. In this mode, players encounter waves of enemies, with options presented every few waves to either buff their team or increase their rewards. Completion of all 50 waves offers additional rewards, including a chance at unlocking a Secret unit specifically for this event.

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Another facet of the Halloween update is the addition of limited-time units and skins. These new units offer increased damage and drop rates within the Nightmare Hunt mode. Similar benefits apply to the newly introduced Halloween skins. Players interested in these new assets can click on individual skins for further details. Furthermore, for those inclined to make in-game purchases, limited-time Halloween bundles have been made available under the “Specials” section of the store.

Rounding out the update are new evolve quests, event-specific quests, and changes to unit mechanics. Balance adjustments and bug fixes have also been implemented. Players can expect even more features to be introduced soon, as indicated in the update log. The game’s core mechanics, where players can collect powerful anime-based units and level them up to defend against enemy waves, remain unchanged. The Halloween 2023 update aims to enrich this existing gameplay by offering players new challenges and rewards.

Here’s a look at the full patch notes:

  • New Event: Halloween!
  • The Halloween Event is here! Enter the Nightmare Hunt and battle an undead army! Gather Candies as you survive waves, and make pivotal choices along the way. Conquer enough waves for a chance at a shadowy Secret unit! Discover new limited units and skins to aid your progress. Keep an eye out for another unholy figure, revealed only to those with enough Candies!
  • New Gamemode: Nightmare Hunt!
  • Fight against hordes of incoming enemies!
  • Every few waves, choose a path to modify the game! Pick buffs to help out your team, or pick challenges to increase your rewards!
  • Defeat all 50 waves to gain even more rewards and a chance at a Secret unit!
  • Equip new skins and new units to boost damage and drop rates!
  • New Limited-Time Event Units!
  • New Limited-Time Secret Units!
  • New Limited-Time Halloween Skins!
  • New units have increased damage and drop rate in Nightmare Hunt!
  • New skins increase damage and drops too! Click on the skin for more details!
  • Two New Limited-Time Halloween Bundles!
  • New Halloween Bundles are available for a limited time in the “Specials” section of the Store!
  • New Evolve Quests!
  • New Event Quests!
  • New unit mechanics!
  • Balance changes + bug fixes!
  • And much more coming soon!

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