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What in the world are Robending World Events? Good question! Read on to find out about all world events in the game, including what they do, and why some aren’t that great…

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Robending World Events

There are 4 world events in Robending currently. Some give buffs and others completely wreck your build for a while!

Full Moon

The Full Moon world event is a pretty uncommon one. In fact, it’s quite fair altogether. The likelihood of you coming across the Full Moon event is slim, but when it does occur, you’re in for a treat. Well, that’s the case if you’re a Water bender.

All players who wield Water get double the amount of damage in combat during the Full Moon. The range of their abilities also expands, allowing them to not only deal more damage overall but also strike additional enemies.

Plus, the Water Spirit boss has a 15% chance to spawn in the server, compared to its usual 5% spawn rate. I suggest heading straight to the Water Spirit Boss if you happen to come across a Full Moon event, especially if you want any of the elemental capes.

Lunar Eclipse

The opposite of the Full Moon event is the Lunar Eclipse. When this world event is active, all players who use Water bending can no longer use their moves.

This lasts for the entire duration of the Lunar Eclipse event, so it’s a good idea to avoid any dangers, as you won’t be able to properly defend yourself for a time. However, you can use melee weapons to keep you on the offensive.

Sozin’s Comet

Here’s one for the Fire benders! Sozin’s Comet grants you a huge buff when it comes to your abilities. All of your damage is quadrupled with a useful 4x boost. Similarly to how the Full Moon works for Water benders, Sozin’s Comet also causes Fire benders to reach further with their attacks.

Solar Eclipse

You may be sensing a pattern here if you’ve taken a look at the sections above. The Solar Eclipse does the opposite of the Sozin’s Comet event. This means all Fire benders on the server have their abilities revoked for some time. Like the Lunar Eclipse event, Fire benders are allowed to at least use melee weapons.