RoBending Online Best Element Tier List – Best Elements Ranked!

Image: RoBending Online

RoBending Online is a great game that lets you use the elements to defeat enemies. If you have the best elements, you’ll have a leg up, so it’s better to know what the go-to choices are. Our RoBending Online element tier list will help you make the right choices to annihilate your foes.

Below, you’ll find the elements, from the highest tier to the lowest, but if you still need help, use some codes. Our codes page will give you a boost to make the game much easier and more fun!

Best Element in RoBending Online Tier List

This guide categorizes the best Elements in RoBending Online, so you always know the best element to get! The following RoBending Online Tier List ranks the currently available skills into these tiers:

S Tier

At the moment, these are pretty powerful and definitely worth your time if you can get your hands on them.

  • Combustion (Fire)
  • Lava (Earth)
  • Lightning (Fire)

A Tier

Generally, the elements in this tier are not as powerful as those at the top but are somewhat powerful.

  • Healing (Water)
    • This one only made it to A because you can heal party members. Otherwise, it’d be in B.
  • Metal (Earth)

B Tier

Even though these aren’t the best choices right now, they are still perfectly viable.

  • Blood (Water)
  • Flight (Air)
  • Seismic (Earth)

C Tier

These are the lowest of the low. Nothing to be ashamed of; sometimes, you have to use what works.

  • Spiritual Projection (Air)
  • Sand (Earth)

RoBending Online Tier List FAQ

How Do Tiers Work?

We rank elements from best to worst based on their overall usefulness. The top of the tier list is going to be the best ones you can get. That’s not to say that the elements on the bottom are bad, just that they aren’t as good as the ones above them.

How Were The Rankings Decided?

The information we gather for our tier lists comes from a variety of sources. We base our lists on our gameplay experience, but we want to create comprehensive lists that will appeal to a wide range of players. We also take into account the opinions and rankings of other players to reach this goal. If you disagree, we encourage you to give your own tiers in the comments!

When Is This RoBending Online Tier List Updated?

Our team keeps the list current by regularly revising the list to reflect new releases and balance changes. We highly recommend you check back regularly to stay updated with the latest rankings.